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10 Enjoyable (And Generally Cosmic) Info About Diamonds

8. Magnificence + Brawn

They’re not simply fairly. Because of their indestructible nature, most of the lower-quality tough diamonds are become drill bits, blades, and equipment used within the building world.

9. A diamond within the tough

Tough diamonds are minimize and polished to turn out to be the glittering, faceted gems you recognize and love. Throughout this course of, a diamond will lose as much as half of its unique weight. What occurs to the opposite half of the diamond? Some leftover items are minimize into smaller diamonds to be used in jewellery. What’s not gem-quality shall be transformed into “industrial diamonds” and used within the building instruments we talked about, or in diamond chopping and sharpening instruments.

10. Diamond rainbow

Diamonds are mostly faint yellow to colorless, however there’s additionally a complete world of fancy coloured diamonds that span the rainbow. Our favourite? Pink diamonds, after all.



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