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15-Minute Yoga Circulate to Follow Pratipaksha Bhavana

Does life at all times appear to get in the best way of your yoga observe? You don’t want hours to observe – even only a fast 15-minute yoga movement can change your day. And actually, all you want is an open thoughts to seek out your yogi movement anyplace by training Pratipaksha Bhavana!

Pratipaksha Bhavana (Prati-pak-sha Bha-vana) means “changing the unfavourable with constructive.”

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Our lives are fast-paced, continually altering, and we by no means appear to find time for ourselves. It’s really easy to let one in every of our psychological or emotional saboteurs assist us justify why it’s okay to skip our yoga observe.

It may very well be so simple as you don’t have a mat, you’re not within the studio, or you haven’t any time that day. The reality is the great thing about yoga is that you could observe it anyplace, anytime – really everytime you need.

Collectively let’s work on changing our unfavourable ideas with constructive ones (Pratipaksha Bhavana) and take quarter-hour (and even 5!) only for you.

Whether or not you’re in your lounge, outdoors, or touring all over the world . . . yoga is for you and you’ll join wherever you’re.

Follow Pratipaksha Bhavana With This 15-Minute Yoga Circulate

This straightforward 15-minute yoga movement helps to align your full thoughts, physique, and soul.

Give your self a second to attach and be conscious of your physique. And whenever you’re prepared to start out, gently start your 15-minute yoga observe.

1. Three-Legged Downward Going through Canine (Tri Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana)

three legged down dogThis variation of Down Canine is generally seen in Vinyasa movement sequences. It helps construct our hip and leg flexibility, whereas concurrently strengthening our higher physique.

This pose is a good way to start out your fast movement because it helps enhance vitality within the physique and connects all parts of thought: hearth, air, gentle, water, and earth.

Earlier than starting your pose, set your intention: “I’m as grounded as I’m robust.”

Let’s attempt it:

  • From Downward Going through Canine (Adho Mukha Svanasana), carry your proper foot up and again, retaining your hips squared to the bottom
  • Keep energetic in your grounded foot
  • Activate your core to assist your hips
  • Unfold your fingers vast and press firmly by way of your palms and knuckles
  • Distribute your weight evenly throughout your fingers and maintain your chest robust and lifted


2. Excessive Lunge (Alanasana)

High LungeExcessive Lunge helps us convey consciousness to the physique and breath to construct confidence with energy.

Set your intention: “I ebb, I movement, I modify, I develop.”

Let’s attempt it:

  • From Three-Legged Downward Going through Canine, let your lifted foot are available between your fingers
  • Inhale and carry your arms overhead into Excessive Lunge
  • Sq. your hips in order that your frontal hip factors equally face towards the entrance of the mat
  • Keep the integrity of your knee above your ankle
  • Lengthen your proper leg, pointing your heel towards the again of the mat
  • Be conscious to not arch your decrease again
  • Repeat your intention, discover your steadiness, and focus, noticing the place your thoughts goes

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3. Goddess Pose (Utkata Konasana)

GoddessGoddess Pose is just not solely empowering but additionally mirrors grace and power. It’s a good way to include our energy with our artistic magnificence.

This pose encourages the movement of prana (our breath and life-force), and the longer one holds this place, the sooner they can achieve confidence and focus.

It’s additionally mentioned that since a number of our stress will get accrued in our hips, this pose helps cut back our total stress ranges – one more method to observe Pratipaksha Bhavana!

Earlier than starting your pose, set your intention: “I’m creating my very own secure area to be me.”

Let’s attempt it:

  • Out of your Excessive Lunge, transition your heels 45 levels to the again lengthy fringe of your mat and let your chest sq. off to the entrance lengthy edge
  • Decrease your hips with each knees mentioning and press your heels into the mat
  • Raise your coronary heart and tuck your hips beneath to interact your core and defend your decrease again
  • Carry your fingers to your coronary heart heart for eight to 10 breaths


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4. Warrior II (Virabhadrasana II)

warrior2Warrior Poses have been mentioned to be named after the good hero warrior, Virabhadra, from Hindu mythology.

These poses have been created to empower our power and steadiness and the fierce dedication to carry with integrity.

Transitioning from our grace and stability to our Warrior Poses subconsciously takes our outer power into our internal energy, making this an ideal subsequent pose in our 15-minute yoga movement.

Set your intention: “I select to do the best factor beneath troublesome circumstances.”

Let’s attempt it:

  • From Goddess Pose, slowly bend your entrance knee 90 levels and straighten your again leg
  • Be sure that your entrance heel traces up with the center of the again arch of your foot
  • Raise and lengthen your arms so they’re shoulder top, strengthening your shoulders and arms
  • Gaze out previous your entrance center finger
  • Gently bend a bit deeper into your entrance knee, retaining it lined up over your ankle
  • Press into the knife-edge of your again foot and really feel extension outward from all of your fingers


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5. Triangle Pose (Trikonasana)

Triangle trikonasanaTriangle Pose is a good way to proceed opening the hips whereas additionally stretching the again physique.

This pose represents energy, divinity, hearth, coronary heart, mountains, prosperity, concord, and royalty so we wished to verify we added this pose into our 15-minute yoga movement specializing in Pratipaksha Bhavana!

Earlier than starting your pose, set your intention: “I’m secure. I’m grace.”

Let’s attempt it:

  • From Warrior II Pose, slowly straighten your entrance leg and punctiliously flip your again foot out 90 levels
  • Be sure that your entrance heel aligns with the internal arch of your again foot
  • Preserve each legs straight. Floor by way of your ft and carry up by way of your thighs
  • Look towards the entrance of your mat and kind a “T” along with your arms
  • Inhale and attain ahead along with your entrance hand and hinge ahead at your entrance hip
  • Lengthen your backbone over your entrance thigh
  • Place your entrance hand on the bottom or on a block on the outer fringe of your entrance foot
  • Rotate your torso to the lengthy fringe of the mat and carry your reverse arm towards the sky
  • Search for towards your lifted hand


6. Revolved Lunge Pose (Parivrtta Anjaneyasana)

Revolved Lunge 1Whereas constructing our power and adaptability, we don’t wish to pass over a robust twisting pose from our sequence, which helps improve stamina.

Twisting poses assist create consciousness and tone, and cut back blockages.

Earlier than starting your pose, set your intention: “I’m therapeutic.”

Let’s attempt it:

  • From Triangle Pose, cartwheel your fingers to the within of your entrance foot, squaring off your hips to the bottom and stacking your again heel over the ball of your again foot
  • Raise your proper hand as much as the sky to discover a mild twist
  • Draw your internal thighs collectively for a safer twist
  • Push by way of your again heel
  • Open your chest and gaze up at your lifted fingertips


7. Seated Ahead Fold Pose (Paschimottanasana)

Seated Forward FoldEnding off this 15-minute yoga sequence, it solely appears becoming that we finish with a seated ahead fold.

Referred to as among the finest asanas for your complete physique, Paschimottanasana impacts every little thing from our head to our toes.

This pose not solely tones our complete physique, it additionally helps calm the mind, relieve stress, soothe complications, and cut back fatigue.

What an ideal method to embrace Pratipaksha Bhavana in our fast, do-anywhere 15-minute yoga movement!

Set your intention: “Pratipaksha Bhavana.”

Let’s attempt it:

  • Discover your method to a cushty seat on the ground
  • Stretch your legs out in entrance of you, sitting up tall
  • Take your peace signal fingers and attain and wrap them round or towards your huge toes
  • Inhale and carry up by way of your backbone, transferring out of your pelvis as you start to lean ahead
  • Preserve lifting up and away with the crown of your head after which gently fold over your legs to a spot that’s comfy for you

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8. Repeat

Repeat your complete sequence on the opposite aspect. 🙂

9. Corpse Pose (Savasana)

Finish your Pratipaksha Bhavana observe with a second of silent reflection and meditation in Savasana.

Let’s attempt it:

  • Come to put down in your again
  • Shut your eyes and give up your weight
  • Keep for a couple of minutes to soak up the consequences of your 15-minute yoga observe


Use Pratipaksha Bhavana to Follow This 15-Minute Yoga Sequence Anytime, Wherever

Let your self take your time with this 15-minute yoga sequence and movement. Repeat on either side as many occasions as you’d like – you get to resolve the tempo of your movement.

That is your journey, your observe, and your area.

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