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7 Day Coronary heart Wholesome Meal Plan: 1200- 1500 Energy- HealthifyMe

A normal 7-days meal plan of 1200-1500 energy might sound a sexy and fast answer for you. However are you conscious that this meal plan won’t be wholesome in your coronary heart? So first, allow us to undergo some particulars concerning the 1200 energy food regimen. This text will assist you higher perceive its impact in your physique and coronary heart.

What’s a 1200 Calorie Meal Plan All About?

You need to strictly observe this food regimen below the supervision of an authorized nutritionist. Calorie restriction to 1200 doesn’t imply restriction within the number of meals in your food regimen. As an alternative, it emphasises extra on portion management to be sure you don’t exceed the consumption of 1200 energy per day. Nonetheless, even with a 1200 calorie meal plan, This must be a 5 plus a day message – whereby, we must always go for 2 seasonal fruits and three fruits – of the three fruits, one must be a inexperienced leafy vegetable, one a non-starchy vegetable and one a root vegetable to satisfy your day-to-day dietary necessities and hold it a heart-healthy meal plan. And always remember to remain hydrated all through the day!  

{Notice: that your physique necessities of vitamin might vastly range. Thus, it’s crucial to take your physician’s or nutritionist’s recommendation and select your food regimen plan correctly.}

1200 Calorie Meal Plan and Coronary heart Well being

You should be questioning how and the place your coronary heart got here into the image in relation to a food regimen? Allow us to clear the fog for you! Sudden lack of weight may be deadly for the guts, so a phrase of warning; don’t do something drastic. Weight reduction needs to be gradual and regular. Furthermore, frequent information tells us that sudden excessive lack of weight leads to extreme electrolyte discount, which turns into a much bigger danger for coronary heart associated issues. So, it is advisable guarantee that your food regimen is definitely ‘coronary heart wholesome’.

A heart-healthy meal for a wholesome life-style that fits your style buds may look like a troublesome job. So, to make the duty simpler for you, now we have taken accountability for the calculative job!

Arithmetic of a 1200 Calorie Meal Plan

The sudden reduce of calorie consumption to 1200 might result in weight reduction as per its fundamental concept. However as talked about earlier than, the outcomes might range from individual to individual. That’s as a result of weight reduction goes hand-in-hand with the speed of consumption and burning energy and the way the physique reacts to those modifications. 

Relying on an individual’s calorie consumption, the physique might change the way it burns these energy. So a heart-healthy meal plan ought to have decrease ranges of sodium and saturated fat and better ranges of fibre, together with hydrating contemporary fruits and veggies.

What to incorporate:

  • Select and customise your meals in order that the energy keep throughout the 1200-1500 calorie vary.
  • Divide your meals into small parts to keep away from hunger. Limiting your self to simply 2 or 3 meals per day would go away you in fixed starvation, together with a bunch of different signs like weak point, dizziness, anger, irritation, and so on. Furthermore, it is going to finally render the usual charge of physique capabilities, together with your valuable coronary heart. Therefore, it’s best to divide your every day meals into 5-6 meals, whereby you possibly can have 3 primary protein wealthy meals and three small nutritious snacks..
  • Be artistic: Being on a food regimen is normally portrayed as residing on salads that style like consuming blades of grass. Actual experimental diets are removed from it; you possibly can swap your meals, use your leftovers, go for a cheat day as soon as per week and check out new recipes experimenting together with your style buds. Isn’t it removed from the tasteless style food regimen you considered?
  • Keep common self-check-ups: Making a notice of your bodily modifications is kind of important to maintain your coronary heart protected from dangers of sudden abnormalities. For instance, are you dropping an excessive amount of weight than deliberate? Are you gaining weight as a substitute? What are the withdrawal signs of your physique because of a sudden reduce in calorie consumption? These are some vital inquiries to be famous all through the food regimen.

Does Your Physique Want a 1200-1500 Calorie Meal Plan?

Principally, the vitamin labels base their suggestions on a 2000 calorie food regimen. In such a case, the restrictive food regimen, which requires an individual to cut back their every day consumption of energy to 1200-1500 energy, might result in malnourishment in some instances.

Usually, extra energy for older adults, younger males, lively people, breastfeeding or pregnant girls or medically conditioned individuals are vital than the opposite folks. As well as, the variety of energy required for an individual every day varies vastly relying on various factors, together with age, intercourse, exercise stage, physique measurement together with any medical situations. For instance, people who find themselves obese or overweight and lead a sedentary life-style would wish fewer energy, thus making the 1200 energy meal plan considerably protected and doubtlessly efficient for them.

Coronary heart Wholesome Meal Plan inside 1200- 1500 Energy: Meals to Eat

Since a 1200-1500 calorie meal plan would shock your physique with its sudden influence on physique weight and functioning, it’s important to safeguard your coronary heart well being. Therefore, it’s essential to plan your meals neatly. As talked about above, you must add satisfactory quantities of vegetables and fruit which are wholesome in your coronary heart. Allow us to take a look at some meals which are low in energy and improve your coronary heart well being.

  • Eat extra seasonal vegetables and fruit, because the minerals and nutritional vitamins in them are heart-healthy.
  • Embrace extra fibre-rich meals equivalent to inexperienced leafy greens, nuts and seeds together with complete pulses and legumes in your food regimen. They hold you satiated for lengthy and forestall extra calorie-consumption
  • Add complete grains to your food regimen. They’re advanced carbohydrates like multi grains and millets (e.g Ragi, Jowar, Bajra, foxtail millet, pearl barley millet, finger millets and so on) that take time to transform into sugar and are wholesome in your coronary heart.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids assist stop coronary heart illnesses by lowering the free radical injury of cell partitions. Therefore, you must devour them. The perfect sources are fatty fish, walnuts and flax seeds. You can even go for Omega 3 dietary supplements to additional scale back the free radical exercise.
  • In case you crave goodies, don’t hesitate in consuming a chunk of darkish chocolate. It’s wealthy in antioxidants, which may help increase coronary heart well being.

7 Day Coronary heart Wholesome Meal Plan: 1200-1500 Energy

Right here is an easy-to-follow 7-day heart-healthy meal plan with 1200 energy that will help you reduce down on these energy and shield your coronary heart from any injury.

Day 1

Breakfast (251 Energy)

Scramble Eggs : One Serving (146 Energy)

  • Flippantly coat a pan with cooking spray
  • Add 1/2 cup no-fat egg substitute
  • Put 1/2 cup mushroom
  • Add 1 tbsp every of diced crimson bell pepper and scallions
  • Lastly, add one oz. of low-fat Swiss cheese

One medium Banana (105 Energy)

Mid-Morning Snack (51 energy)

Dried Apricot Halves: 6 (51 energy)

Lunch (330 energy)

Veggie Pita Meal: One Serving (289 Energy)

  • Low-fat Feta cheese: 28.3 g.
  • Tomato slices: 3
  • Sliced avocado: 1/2
  • 4 inch wholewheat Pita bread: 1

Fruit Break

Recent Pineapples: Two Cups (41 Energy)

Mid-Meal Snack (135 energy)

Hummus: 2tbsp (52 energy)

Sugar Snap Peas: 15 (21 energy)

Orange: 1 (62 energy)

Dinner (407 energy)

North Nation Braised Hen (268 energy)

Entire-wheat fettuccine: (87 energy)

Steamed broccoli: 4 spears, with a squeeze of lemon (52 energy)

Day 2

Breakfast (279 Energy)

Metal reduce Oats: 1 medium (139 energy)

Strawberries: ¾ cup (40 energy)

Nonfat plain Greek yoghurt: 6 oz. (100 energy)

Mid-Morning Snack (46 energy)

Prunes: 2 (46 energy)

Lunch (330 energy)

Veggie Cottage Cheese: One Serving (278 Energy)

  • 1% Cottage cheese (no salt added): 1 cup 
  • Cherry tomatoes for topping: 18 
  • Diced crimson bell pepper: 1 cup
  • Sliced cucumber: 1 cup

Fruit Break

Kiwi: One (42 Energy)

Mid-Meal Snack (198 energy)

Plain Almonds (unsalted): 12 (103 energy)

Medium Apple: 1 (95 energy)

Dinner (336 energy)

Paprika-Herb Rubbed Hen (127 energy)

  • Boiled couscous: 3/4 cup cooked wholewheat couscous 
  • Diced crimson bell pepper: 1tbsp
  • Scallions: 1tbsp

Inexperienced Beans: 1½ cups (209 energy)

Day 3

Breakfast (274 Energy)

Egg sandwich: One (232 Energy)

  • Flippantly coat pan with cooking spray
  • Scramble 1/2 cup egg
  • Tomatoes (sliced): 3 
  • Low-fat cheese: 1 oz. 
  • Multigrain sandwich bread (skinny): 2

One Kiwi (42 Energy)

Mid-Morning Snack (51 energy)

Dried Apricot Halves: 4 (34 energy)

Lunch (330 energy)

Hummus Pita Meal: One Serving (238 Energy)

  • Hummus: ¼ cup
  • Tomatoes (sliced): 3
  • Low-fat cottage cheese cheese: 1 oz.
  • 4 inch wholewheat Pita bread: 1

Fruit Break

Orange: One (62 Energy)

Mid-Meal Snack (130 energy)

Brown Rice Cake: 1 slice (35 energy)

Vanilla/Strawberry non-fat frozen yoghurt: ½ cup (95 energy)

Dinner (434 energy)

Lemon and Dill Hen (170 energy)

Roasted Potatoes (roast with pores and skin and use 1tsp olive oil: 1½ cups (198 energy)

Steamed inexperienced beans with a squeeze of lemon: 1½ cups (66 energy)

Day 4

Breakfast (250 Energy)

Shredded Wheat Cereal: 1 cup (167 energy)

Milk: 1 cup (83 energy)

Mid Morning Snack (51 Energy)

Dried apricot halves: 6

Lunch (299 Energy)

Raita: 1 serving (146 energy)

  • Combine 6 oz. nonfat plain Greek yoghurt with 1 cup every diced tomato and cucumber
  • Season with cumin and crushed crimson pepper to style

Multigrain crispbreads: 2 (48 energy)

Medium banana: 1 (105 energy)

Lunch (53 Energy)

Child Carrots: 15 (53 energy)

Dinner (438 Energy)

Curried tofu salad: 1 serving (128 energy)

Entire wheat roll: 1 (114 energy)

Candy potato chips: 1 oz. (141 energy)

Cucumber salad: 1 serving (55 energy)

  • One cup sliced cucumber with 1/2 Tbsp. Raspberry French dressing

Day 5

Breakfast (275 Energy)

Egg Sandwich: 1 serving

  • Coat the pan flippantly with cooking spray
  • Scramble ½ cup egg whites
  • Add 2 oz. low-fat Swiss cheese
  • Serve on one skinny multigrain sandwich bread

Mid-Morning Snack (84 Energy)

Dried Apricot Halves: 10

Lunch (362 Energy)

Avocado Salad Pita: One serving (262 energy)

  • Combine ½ mashed avocado with ¼ cup rinsed chickpeas
  • Squeeze 1 tbsp lemon juice within the combination
  • Unfold the salad combination on one 4-inch whole-wheat pita bread.

Non-Fats Plain Greek Yoghurt: 6 oz. (100 energy)

Mid-Meal Snack (53 Energy)

Strawberries: One cup

Dinner (440 Energy)

Penne Arrabiata and Capicola: One serving (311 energy)

Salad: One serving (129 energy)

  • Take two cups of blended salad greens
  • Add 12 cherry tomatoes and one cup of cucumber to the greens
  • Add 1 tbsp of lemon-mint French dressing 

Day 6

Breakfast (250 Energy)

Entire wheat daliya: One bowl (167 energy)

Skimmed milk: One cup (83 energy)

Mid-Morning Snack (35 Energy)

Brown Rice Cake: One slice

Lunch (322 Energy)

Unsalted Cottage Cheese: One cup (163 energy)

Cantaloupe: One cup (54 energy)

Banana (medium): One (105 energy)

Mid Meal Snack (37 Energy)

Cherry Tomatoes: 12

Dinner (423 Energy)

Tomato and Olive Stuffed Portobello Caps: One serving (118 energy)

Cooked Entire wheat Couscous: ¾ cup (204 energy)

Salad: One Serving (101 energy)

  • Combine 2 cups child spinach with 1/2 cup strawberries
  • Add 1 tbsp. LemonMint French dressing for flavour

Day 7

Breakfast (250 Energy)

Scallion Scrambled Eggs: One serving (170 energy)

  • Flippantly coat pan with cooking spray
  • Scramble 1/2 cup egg 
  • Add one tomato slice, 1⁄4 cup diced part-skim Mozzarella cheese and 1 tbsp. scallions

Strawberries: ½ cup (80 energy)

Mid-Morning Snack (57 Energy)

Dried Tart Cherries: 2 tbsp (80 energy)

Lunch (311 Energy)

Veggie Sandwich: One serving (211 energy)

  • Combine 1 oz. Low-fat cottage cheese, three tomato slices, 1⁄4 cup alfalfa sprouts and 1 tbsp. cholesterol-free mayonnaise collectively
  • Unfold the combination on one skinny multigrain sandwich bread

Non-Fats Plain Greek Yoghurt: 6 oz. (100 energy)

Mid-Meal Snack (42 Energy)

Any Fruit: 1 (Medium sized)

Dinner (395 Energy)

Grilled Rosemary Salmon Skewers: One serving (172 energy)

Cooked Quinoa: ½ cup (111 energy)

Salad: One serving (112 energy)

  • Child Spinach: 2 cups
  • Tomato Slices: ½ cup
  • Raspberry French dressing: 1 tbsp

Coronary heart-Wholesome Meal Plan with 1200 Energy: Meals to Keep away from

You need to particularly keep away from a number of meals varieties to make your food regimen heart-healthy.

Pink and Processed Meat

Pink and processed meat are excessive in saturated fats, which is unhealthy in your coronary heart. Nonetheless, you possibly can substitute them with some plant proteins (nuts, legumes, complete grains, and soy merchandise), finally lowering dangers to your coronary heart.

Processed Meals

Sure, you shouldn’t simply keep away from your processed meat however any type of processed meals as properly. Processed meals comprise excessive salt, sugar, trans fats, saturated fats, components and meals colouring. This lengthy listing of substances is normally not useful in your coronary heart.

Sugar-Sweetened Drinks and Meals

Vitality drinks, soda and so on., comprise excessive ranges of sugar, which you must keep away from to take care of a average weight and a wholesome coronary heart.


Any type of alcohol will take away a number of advantages of your 1200-1500 vary energy food regimen. Therefore, you must scale back or keep away from alcohol consumption. It additionally contains crimson wine, which individuals take into account a heart-healthy type of alcohol. 

1200 Energy Meal Plan: Precautions

When you observe a 1200 calorie meal plan, it’s fairly important to maintain your medical historical past in thoughts. For instance, in case you are an individual with diabetes or hypertension, a food regimen low in essential macronutrients like proteins and fats, micronutrients equivalent to minerals and nutritional vitamins might trigger you hurt. Therefore, you need to totally undergo vitamin labels and take recommendation out of your physician/dietician earlier than adopting this meal plan.


A low-calorie food regimen helps scale back weight and helps stop sure illnesses. However, weight reduction just isn’t the one measure of well being. The truth is, at occasions, losing a few pounds will not be linked to a more healthy self in any respect. It can be an indication of an unhealthy food regimen, deficiency of vitamins or perhaps a illness. As well as, sustaining such a low-calorie food regimen may be difficult for many individuals. So, it’s best to seek the advice of an professional nutritionist earlier than selecting any meal plan or food regimen. On the identical time, you possibly can attain out to specialists on HealthifyMe to get a customized meal plan that fits your physique and assist you obtain your health objectives.

Incessantly Requested Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is a 1200- 1500 calorie food regimen wholesome?

A. Energy and life-style go hand in hand. For instance, an individual with a sedentary life-style won’t want as many energy as an lively particular person. Nonetheless, we would like people to be sufficiently lively for higher coronary heart well being, as in goal to finish their fundamental step rely between 8k-10 ok every day. As per the low calorie vary food regimen of 1200-1500 cal this meal plan fits these people who’re low-moderate lively and have desk primarily based jobs.

A. A heart-healthy menu, because the identify suggests, contains every part that protects your coronary heart. However, on the identical time, it excludes every part that may be dangerous to your coronary heart well being. So, say howdy to high-fibre fruits, greens and complete grains filled with hydrating vitamins and say goodbye to high-fats and high-sodium meals. As well as, canned and processed meals, or meals that comprise excessive sugar and salt ranges, cheese, crimson meat and so on., shouldn’t be part of your meal. Then again, oats, barley, salmon, oily fish, darkish leafy greens, nuts and seeds, low-fat dairy, olive oil and so on., are emphasised extra on this menu.

Q. What 3 meals do cardiologists say to keep away from?

A. Though a number of meals can doubtlessly trigger hurt to your coronary heart well being, the three most threatening meals teams that cardiologists ask you to keep away from are processed meat, processed and canned meals, and fizzy drinks. 

Q. What 3 meals do cardiologists say to eat?

A.  A number of meals assist preserve a wholesome coronary heart. Nonetheless, as per cardiologists, the three most important meals you must eat are greens (particularly darkish and leafy greens), fatty fish and fish oil, and complete grains. These meals are the pillars of a heart-healthy food regimen.

Q. How can I make my coronary heart stronger?

A. Making your coronary heart stronger and sustaining a wholesome coronary heart is straightforward if you happen to observe some elementary guidelines. It’s a mixed train, which incorporates and excludes particular meals and habits. For instance, following a wholesome and balanced food regimen and a bodily lively life-style are important for a wholesome coronary heart. On the identical time, you must keep away from consuming meals that aren’t wholesome in your coronary heart, keep away from tobacco and alcohol, keep away from stress and chorus from overeating.

Q. Which drink is greatest for the guts?

A. You may select from a number of choices which are wholesome in your coronary heart. Nonetheless, one of the best beverage is water. It retains you hydrated and is among the most important drinks in your physique. On the identical time, you possibly can have unprocessed and contemporary fruit juice (particularly pomegranate, beetroot and so on.), vegetable soups or inexperienced tea.

Q. What are the indicators of an unhealthy coronary heart?

A. You may learn your coronary heart well being via many signs in your physique, which incorporates: 

  • Discomfort, tightness, ache or strain within the chest
  • Shortness of breath/ breathlessness 
  • Chilly, numb or painful legs and arms 
  • Unreasonable ache within the neck or jaw space

Q. What are the signs of a weak coronary heart?

A. Some important signs of a weak coronary heart embrace:

  • Fatigue
  • Swelling in legs (ankle and toes space)
  • Breathlessness (particularly throughout bodily actions or whereas mendacity down)
  • Chest discomfort, together with tightness and ache 

Q. Which fruit is greatest for the guts?

A. Virtually all fruits provide some advantages to your coronary heart. Nonetheless, the berry household is thought to be the healthiest in your coronary heart well being. It’s wealthy in antioxidants, prevents oxidative stress and advantages your coronary heart. A few of the berries you possibly can devour are strawberries, blueberries, blackberries and raspberries. 

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