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Apana Vayu Mudra for Coronary heart: Advantages and Steps to Do It

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Apana Vayu mudra for coronary heart. Picture: Canva

A busy and sedentary way of life mixed with unhealthy meals selections has made us weak to numerous coronary heart illnesses. Along with imbibing a wholesome way of life, mudras might help in bettering your well being. One such mudra that straight improves coronary heart well being is the Apana Vayu Mudra.

Apana Vayu mudra is a well known mudra that’s related to decreasing signs of coronary heart assault and different heart-related illnesses.

On this article, we’ll see the advantages of Apana Vayu mudra and carry out it for the betterment of your coronary heart well being.

What’s Apana Vayu Mudra?

Apana Vayu mudra is a therapeutic yoga hand mudra that’s principally involved with therapeutic heart-related illnesses. It really works to stop coronary heart assaults and reduces coronary heart heaviness.

Because the title suggests, Apana Vayu Mudra is fashioned by the mixture of two hand gestures; Apana Mudra and Vayu Mudra.

apana vayu mudra how to do
Picture: Fitsri
  • Apana Mudra – It’s fashioned by becoming a member of the ideas of the thumb, center, and ring finger. This mudra will increase the fireplace and earth component which improves oxygen circulation to the arteries and improves the center power.
  • Vayu Mudra – It’s fashioned by putting the tip of the index finger on the base of the thumb. The index finger represents the air component and thru this gesture, you might be basically decreasing ache and inducing rest. 

Apana Vayu mudra is fashioned by becoming a member of the tip of the center and ring finger to the thumb tip after which bending the index finger to the bottom of the thumb. This mudra will increase the earth and area component that are good for the expansion and construction of the physique. It additionally reduces the surplus of air. It’s also known as Mrit-Sanjeevni Mudra means one which brings alongside life from demise. 

In case you are experiencing ache and sense an oncoming coronary heart assault, instantly carry your arms to Apana Vayu mudra. The Vayu mudra a part of this mudra will instantly unblock the artery and provide it with oxygen and the Apana mudra portion will take away these toxins within the type of clogs and blockages to enhance blood circulation.

This course of can delay the onset of a coronary heart assault and the affected person may have sufficient time to be transported to a hospital.

It may be practiced anytime for 10-Quarter-hour. You’ll be able to carry out this mudra throughout meditation thrice a day or for 30-45 minutes at a stretch.

The way to Carry out Apana Vayu Mudra?

apana vayu mudra steps
Picture: Fitsri

Apana Vayu mudra will be practiced in any comfy posture, nonetheless, in yoga, it’s suggested to carry out it with a seated meditative posture.

It’s all the time preferable that you simply carry out this mudra at Brahma Muhurata which is often between 4-6 am. Throughout this time, you will see the right atmosphere to meditate together with recent oxygen.

Observe these easy steps to carry out Apana Vayu mudra in yoga;

  • Firstly are available a seated meditation posture. For this you may sit in Straightforward Pose (Sukhasana), Lotus Pose (Padmasana), Hero Pose (Virasana), or Thunderbolt Pose (Vajrasana).
  • Place your arms on the knees, palms dealing with up.
  • On each arms, be part of the ideas of the thumb, center, and ring finger whereas bringing the tip of the index finger on the base of the thumb. Straight or barely stretched the one stay finger i.e. little finger.
  • Shut your eyes and take deep breaths. Focus in your coronary heart chakra. If you’d like, you may chant a beej mantra for enhancing your focus.
  • All through the meditation, your again ought to stay straight and your shoulder ought to be away from the ears to keep away from slouching.

Maintain Apana Vayu mudra for Quarter-hour in a single sitting. One can maintain it for an extended length if comfy, or when doing it particularly for some coronary heart circumstances. To return out of the pose, firstly straight up the index finger after which launch the contact of the center and ring fingertips. Rub arms collectively shortly and cup heat arms over your eyes to really feel the warmth you have got generated.

Apana Vayu Mudra Advantages

Apana Vayu mudra can carry a couple of vary of optimistic bodily and psychological modifications. From countering the signs of coronary heart assault, hypertension, diabetes and bronchial asthma to calming the thoughts and selling good sleep, this mudra is actually a boon for an individual. 

You’ll be able to observe Apana Vayu mudra for cleaning of the circulatory system which improves lung operate. Additionally, this mudra may be very useful to alleviate acidity, constipation, and gastric discomfort.

Listed below are some science-backed and anecdotal advantages. Let’s have a look at them extra intently.

1. Improves bodily and emotional coronary heart well being

Apana Vayu mudra can be known as the Mrit-Sanjeevni Mudra because it straight impacts coronary heart well being. This mudra aids within the redirection of prana in the direction of the center, thereby managing any heart-related points. 

In case you observe the mudra while you really feel ache within the chest, which is without doubt one of the signs of coronary heart assault, Apana Vayu mudra can provide the time-frame to succeed in out for medical assist. This has additionally been confirmed in a research printed in 2017 . By activating the parasympathetic nervous system it may assist in normalizing the center charge and blood stress.

Apana Vayu mudra additionally helps take away any blockages within the blood veins, which maintain blood stress in management and prevents recurrence of coronary heart assaults. In case you have a weak pulse, which is usually the results of coronary heart palpitations, working towards Apana Vayu mudra can normalize the heartbeat charge. 

On the emotional airplane, Apana Vayu mudra opens up the center chakra which helps in releasing any heaviness or pent up emotions. It makes the practitioner able to obtain compassion, love and kindness from the surface world.

2. Offers aid from acidity, gasoline and digestive issues

Apana Vayu is without doubt one of the 5 vayus which facilitates the motion of downward flowing air. The overabundance of it causes abdomen troubles. Apana Vayu mudra reduces this further air, due to this fact, aiding within the indigestion issues similar to ulcer, gastritis, or acid reflux disease.

3. Detoxify the physique

Apana Vayu mudra can be known as detoxing mudra. The primary components of this mudra, fireplace and ether, are chargeable for the detoxing course of within the physique. 

Sweat and excretion of waste are two of the widespread methods via which the physique detoxifies. By balancing the fireplace and area component, Apana Vayu mudra helps in selling detoxing via these channels. Concern of constipation and urine retention additionally will get cured. 

Different identified advantages of Apana Vayu mudra embody the next:

  • Improves respiratory capabilities 
  • Helps handle nervousness and stress
  • Improves liver and gall bladder functioning which can assist in countering diabetes
  • Prompts parasympathetic nervous system to calm the thoughts shortly 
  • Helps deal with insomnia signs and induce restful sleep
  • Promotes psychological well-being and cut back adverse emotions similar to nervousness, irritation, anger, and so on.
  • Balances three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha   
  • Helps in managing bodily pains similar to migraine, complications, again pains, menstrual cramps, and so on.


There are not any uncomfortable side effects of Apana Vayu mudra, nonetheless, it’s suggested to maintain this stuff in thoughts;

  • Since apana vayu mudra will increase the earth component, folks with extra Kapha Dosha or with a Kapha structure ought to carry out it with warning.
  • As soon as you’re feeling that your downside has been eradicated, it’s best to cease performing this mudra as it may intervene with the steadiness of the opposite components.
  • Don’t put extreme stress on the fingertips. The stress ought to be simply sufficient to really feel a sensation of urgent on the pores and skin.


The weather – fireplace, earth, area, and air are introduced collectively within the Apana Vayu mudra, which is assumed to have therapeutic benefits. Individuals who have beforehand suffered from coronary heart issues ought to observe Apana Vayu mudra each day. Even in case you don’t have any medical issues, Apan Vayu mudra can help you to maintain your coronary heart wholesome.



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