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Are Opals a Good Stone for Your Customized Engagement Ring?

In relation to engagement rings, whether or not ready-made or custom-designed, opals aren’t a conventional favorite. For years, they carried a popularity for unhealthy luck. For these with even the smallest inclination in direction of superstition, an opal could be thought of an inauspicious begin to married life. However there’s no denying that opals are stunning issues. The vary of colors is interesting. And the play of sunshine throughout the floor of the stone is incomparable. Opals might not have the diamond’s scintillation, however they do have a complete rainbow ready for the appropriate mild to disclose.

However the query is, are opals an excellent stone for a {custom} engagement ring? Right here’s what it’s worthwhile to think about.

Every thing You Must Know Earlier than Choosing an Opal for Your Customized Engagement Ring


One of many explanation why diamonds have change into the most well-liked stones for engagement rings is their energy. The toughest of the gems, they’re impossible to be broken in day-to-day put on. Opals don’t share that high quality. Though not the softest gems, opals are solely rated 5.5 to six.0 on the Mohs hardness scale (diamonds are a ten). Because of this they’re comparatively simple to scratch, chip, or crack. So, if you choose an opal in your engagement ring, you have to to take additional care.


Opals are additionally delicate to atmospheric moisture adjustments. Because the stones usually include some moisture, in case you preserve them in very popular, dry circumstances, the gems generally tend to dry out. And this will result in crazing. The formation of a community of cracks throughout the floor. This doesn’t normally have an effect on the steadiness of your stone. However it could make it much less aesthetically interesting.


Due to their availability, and due to their relative weak point, opals are comparably reasonably priced. This implies that you would be able to choose an actual show-stopper of a stone, and nonetheless have cash left in your price range to finish your design with smaller diamonds or different treasured gems. It additionally signifies that in case your opal is broken in some unspecified time in the future sooner or later, it gained’t break the financial institution to switch it. Whereas that is maybe not supreme from a sentimental viewpoint, it may be reassuring in case your coronary heart is completely set on an opal in your centre stone. (Though do needless to say with the appropriate care, your opal might final a lifetime).


In case you are drawn to the aesthetic of opals, then there are not any actual viable alternate options which are extra sturdy. The moonstone does possess some related qualities, however it’s additionally fairly delicate. And in case you actually love that iridescent rainbow impact, then the opal is your solely alternative.

use opals in a {custom} engagement ring

Opals can be utilized similar to every other stone inside your bespoke engagement ring design. You should utilize them as a breath-taking centrepiece. Or you’ll be able to incorporate them into your design as a halo, complementing different treasured stones. And the smaller they’re, the much less possible your opals are to be broken.

Individuals choose opals for his or her engagement rings for every kind of causes. It’s the birthstone for October, which might add stunning sentiment in case you’re planning to marry an October child – or in case you have a baby born in that month. The stone can be believed the characterize faithfulness and confidence – which is a superb basis in your married life. And whether or not you go for colourless, purple, white, blue, black, gray, yellow, inexperienced, or violet, the rainbow sparkles of the opal are merely gorgeous.

So, in brief, you can use opals within the design of your {custom} engagement ring. And it’ll look past distinctive. You simply want to notice that opals have to be dealt with with care. So, take your engagement ring off within the bathe (which is at all times good practise anyway!), or while you’re exercising, or cleansing. Watch out to retailer your engagement ring accurately while you’re not carrying it. By no means use harsh chemical substances to wash it. And be ready for the truth that, sooner or later, you would possibly have to contemplate changing your opal if it will get broken.

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