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Decoding Watch Mannequin Numbers: Breitling

Mannequin numbers: these generally quick and generally lengthy strings of numbers and letters related to each watch should serve some function. Every watchmaker has their very own model; Rolex makes use of 4 to 6 digits, Grand Seiko makes use of 4 letters adopted by three numbers, and Omega makes use of 14 digits separated by durations alongside the way in which. Whereas this will likely sound complicated, there’s a methodology to the insanity.


Since 1991, Breitling has used a 12-digit lengthy string of letters and numbers for his or her mannequin numbers. Many consumers and sellers will use solely the primary half of the mannequin quantity, leaving the again half off with a purpose to make issues just a little simpler to recollect and skim. The seven to digits will inform you the case end, dial shade, and the design of the dial, which is all good info, however not often does it affect the value or desirability of a watch, so it’s typically left off within the aftermarket. A typical mannequin quantity will look one thing like this: A17316. So let’s break down what these letters and numbers imply.

Breitling SuperOcean A17316 10 10 BRT 4SMZLK

The A17316 SuperOcean

The primary area in all Breitling mannequin numbers will really be a letter. Every letter stands for a distinct materials or mixture of supplies the watch case is constructed from.

Right here is the breakdown.

A – Metal bezel and case

B – Metal bezel and case with gold rider tabs

C – Rose gold bezel with metal case

D – Yellow gold bezel with metal case

E – Titanium bezel with metal case

F – Gold bezel with titanium case

G – White gold bezel metal case

H – Rose gold bezel and case

I – Gold bezel insert

J – White gold bezel and case

Okay – Yellow gold bezel and case

L – Platinum bezel and case

M – Black metal bezel and case

N – Carbon case

P – Platinum bezel with metal case

R – Pink gold bezel and case

T – Palladium bezel and case

V – Black titanium bezel and case

X – Breitlight case

Y – Ceramic bezel and metal case


As you may see Breitling has made watches in a variety of supplies, and it is a record that may develop as extra supplies are introduced into the watch world. So with the mannequin quantity A17316, we all know that the A stands for metal bezel and case on this watch.


Breitling Chronomat A10380 10 10 BRT X6U19C

The A10380, the “10” means it has a Breitling Caliber B10 inside

The subsequent two numbers are for the motion on the within of the watch. Breitling numbers the motion they use with two digits. For instance, within the A17316 the 17 stands for the B17 motion. Inside an A10380 the ten would stand for a B10 motion. The vital factor to know is that any quantity between 10-49 is a mechanical motion, and something 50 or above is a quartz motion.


The exception to this technique is the B01 in-house caliber. Any watch with this motion inside will use the B01 within the mannequin quantity, like within the AB0127.


Breitling Navitimer 01 AB0127 10 10 BRT DP3QHB

The Navitimer 01, AB0127. With a B01 motion powering this watch it’s proudly acknowledged as a part of the mannequin quantity


This brings us to the fourth digit. Virtually all fashions have a 0 or 3 on this spot.

0 – implies that the watch isn’t COSC licensed

3 – means it’s COSC licensed

1, 4, 6, and eight have been used on very particular fashions that use novel actions which can be not often seen, and since 2000, all Breitling watches are COSC licensed. In our instance of the A10380, it is a mannequin that got here after 2000, so it has a 3 on this place to indicate it has been COSC licensed. With the B01 fashions, just like the AB0127, the motion descriptor overrides this fourth spot, as all B01 actions have all the time been COSC licensed.

Breitling SuperOcean A17367 10 10 BRT DA061H

The A17367 SuperOcean

The final two numbers are for the precise mannequin and don’t have any discernable sample. The A17316 is a SuperOcean and all mannequin numbers ending in 16 may even be an identical SuperOcean, however may have a distinct dial shade or format, or perhaps a totally different case and bezel materials. The place an A17367 can also be a metal B17 COSC-certified SuperOcean, it’s bigger than the mannequin 16, so it has a distinct quantity with the mannequin 67. 


This information ought to show you how to alongside your Breitling amassing journey. To seek out the right Breitling for your self, browse our full choice at Crown and Caliber.



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