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Evaluating Semi-precious Gemstone Values – Roma Designer Jewellery

Semi-precious gem stones could be simply as stunning as treasured stones. Let’s check out evaluating semi-precious gemstone values.

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Gems are a few of the earth’s most stunning pure treasures. When included into jewellery, they make for luxurious and timeless items that add class and sophistication to your wardrobe. 

The vast world of gems could be damaged into two teams, treasured and semi-precious gem stones. Any astute purchaser would surprise: what’s the distinction between the 2? 

On this article, we’ll reply that query and a number of other others. We’ll additionally speak about the most well-liked semi-precious gem stones and examine their values. Learn on to be taught all the things you want to learn about these stunning and uncommon gems. 

What Are Semi-Valuable Gems?

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So what qualifies as a semi-precious gemstone? The reply is definitely fairly easy. 

Diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds are the 4 treasured stones. All different gem stones are categorised as semi-precious. This contains aquamarine, alexandrite, rose quartz, pearl, amethyst, and a whole bunch of others. 

It is a frequent false impression that semi-precious gem stones are value lower than treasured gem stones. 
In reality, many semi-precious stones are considerably extra precious than treasured ones. Alexandrite for instance usually sells for larger costs than sapphire does. 

The worth of a gemstone is definitely decided by many alternative elements. These elements are grouped collectively beneath the 4 C’s: carats, readability, shade, and minimize. 

Now, let’s examine the values of a few of the hottest semi-precious gem stones. 


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Amethyst is an extremely widespread semi-precious stone. It’s recognized extensively for its vibrant shades of purple and violet. Shades of amethyst vary from a lightweight pinkish violet shade to a deep purple.

Deep, wealthy purples are rarer than the lighter hues, and thus extremely prized amongst amethyst collectors. Nevertheless, these darker stones do not sparkle as brightly as lighter ones do. For essentially the most energetic, vibrant items, search for stones within the medium to medium-dark vary.

Amethyst can be the February birthstone. This makes amethyst jewellery a highly regarded reward for folks born throughout this month. 

Amethyst is a sturdy and inexpensive stone. Excessive-quality minimize stones price between $20 and $30 per carat. Extraordinarily effective items can retail for as a lot as $40 per carat. 


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Peridot is a brightly coloured yellow-green gemstone. It naturally types from lava flows and has been extremely valued because the time of Historic Egypt. Peridot is widespread amongst jewellery connoisseurs who need to get pleasure from brighter and extra vibrant inexperienced stones than these minimize from emeralds. 

There are three several types of peridot, all distinguished by the areas from which they had been mined. Changbai peridots are mined within the Changbai Mountains in Northeast China. These stones are recognized for his or her natural deep inexperienced hues and vibrant pops of lime. 

Pakistani peridots are mined in Kashmir. These stones are often lime or apple inexperienced with refined golden undertones. 

The Hunan peridot originates from the Hunan mining space in southeastern China. These stones are recognized for his or her readability and non-bearing yellow tones. 

Peridot can be the August birthstone. 

The worth of those stones ranges from $50 to $80 per carat. Peridots bigger than one carat that boast the best high quality and colours can price as a lot as $400 to $450. 

Rose Quartz 

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Rose quartz is a uncommon, coloured number of crystalline quartz. These gems have pretty gentle to medium pink colorations. Amethyst, one other quartz stone, can generally affect rose quartzes and provides them a extra purplish hue. 

Most rose quartz has a milky opacity. However a clear selection was found in Madagascar within the Nineteen Eighties. Many of those clear stones had been minimize with fascets and included into effective jewellery equivalent to wedding ceremony rings. 

Clear and translucent rose quartz stones promote for larger costs than lighter opaque ones. These stones begin at round $100 per carat. However high-grade specimens can simply exceed $1,000 per carat. 


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Amber types from the crystalized resin of historic pine timber. This stone is well-known for the unbelievable fossilized inclusions which are generally discovered inside. People have been making jewellery with amber for over 10,000 years, making it the primary gem materials ever used. 

Amber jewellery is available in many alternative colours together with black, crimson, yellow, and white. Which shade is most useful modifications from 12 months to 12 months as developments and tastes do. 

White and crimson amber are the rarest varieties. White amber prices about $11 per carat within the present market, and crimson prices about $12 per carat. At the moment, yellow or gold amber is essentially the most precious selection, retailing for $14 per carat with out inclusions. 

The area that the amber is extracted from additionally performs an enormous function in figuring out worth. Baltic and Ukrainian amber sometimes price greater than Russian, Dominican, and Mexican amber. 


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Aquamarine is one other extremely widespread semi-precious stone. Coloration ranges from pale blue to a powerful darkish blue. Some aquamarines have a greenish-blue, nearly turquoise hue. 

Lately, Prince Harry gifted his soon-to-be spouse Meghan Markle a surprising aquamarine ring estimated to be value $87,000. She additionally wore Princess Diana’s well-known aquamarine and diamond-encrusted cocktail ring throughout their wedding ceremony reception. This has precipitated one other surge within the stone’s recognition and worth. 

Aquamarine can be the March birthstone and a preferred reward for folks born throughout this month. 

Aquamarine costs are decided by the depth and high quality of the stones’ shade, in addition to their readability. These gems additionally improve in worth as their carats improve. 

For instance, a one-carat aquamarine prices about $675 per carat. A two to 3 carat stone prices between $1,000 and $1,500 per carat. 

Carrying Semi-Valuable Gems

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Increasingly individuals are incorporating semi-precious gem stones into their wardrobes. Elegant, timeless jewellery items that embody these stones are the most effective methods to raise your outfits. 

Now that you realize the totally different qualities and values of the most well-liked semi-precious stones, you can also make astute selections about which of them are proper on your sense of favor. 

If you happen to loved this piece, check out our different articles on shopping for and styling effective jewellery at the moment. 



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