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February Birthstone Amethyst Which means and Origin

The historical past and origin of the February birthstone Amethyst.

Predominant picture, polished Amethyst sphere. Copyright creator.

Amethyst represents the official birthstone for the month of February.

In accordance with legend, St. Valentine, the patron saint of romantic love wore an amethyst ring carved with the picture of Cupid.

Prized for its deep purple color, Amethyst makes a preferred alternative for jewelry. On the similar time, its reasonably priced worth and availability make it an interesting alternative for jewelry patrons.

Excessive-quality Amethyst has an affordable price ticket. To elucidate, massive gem stones make reasonably priced selections because the worth per carat doesn’t rise dramatically as sizes improve.

Anybody with a February birthday advantages from an unbelievable and reasonably priced gemstone lavished with unbelievable which means.

Whereas Amethysts stay vastly common for girls’s vogue, few realise the significance of this stunning gemstone. For instance, Amethysts carry many hidden traits, making them a preferred gemstone for crystal therapeutic.

On the subject of jewelry, polishers minimize gem-quality specimens into an incredible assortment of sizes and styles. Additionally, a variety of gemstone cuts from faceted cuts to rounded Cabochon minimize gemstone types.

Amethyst and diamond halo pendant from Serendipity Diamonds

Amethyst and diamond halo pendant created by bespoke design at Serendipity Diamonds

What’s Amethyst?

Amethyst originates from the mineral Quartz. Most individuals affiliate Quartz with a white, or clear colouration. However Amethyst is famed for its beautiful purple color.

The origins of Amethyst. The place does Amethyst come from?

Amethyst represents essentially the most invaluable type of Quartz, present in volcanic rocks from international locations corresponding to Brazil, Uruguay and Russia.

Different international locations embrace Austria, India, america and Zambia. In actual fact, Zambia produces round 1000 metric tonnes of Amethyst per 12 months.

Russia produces a few of the most interesting Amethyst, coming from the Ekaterinburg area close to Mursinka.

A really current discovery of a Quartz geode on the border between Uruguay and Brazil revealed an unbelievable heart-shaped formation.

Miners uncovered the heart-shaped geode when the dad or mum rock was break up into two. Every half contained the divided geode, encrusted with Amethyst.

This discovery made the right illustrative {photograph} for Valentine’s February Birthstone Amethyst.

Each Canada and USA mine Amethyst. To the East, Siberia produces a few of the most interesting Amethyst.  We consult with a few of the most prized gem stones as ‘Deep Siberian’ for that reason.

Heart shaped Amethyst geode discovered by miners

Picture courtesy and copyright of Uruguay Minerals 

Reasonably priced Amethyst makes it a preferred alternative for a variety of jewelry.

Amethyst colors

Amethyst includes a major hue various from mild pinkish violet to deep purple. As well as, Secondary hues embrace pink or blue.

Amethyst and Sapphire Heart Shapes

Amethyst and Sapphire coronary heart shapes from considered one of our bespoke ring designs. 

Purple Amethyst

Purple Amethyst, like all amethyst, comes from Quartz. Its deep violet color happens as a result of irradiation, impurities of iron and presumably different transition metals. Most individuals affiliate the ensuing deep purple color with the wide range of merchandise obtainable, from crystals and geodes to jewelry.

Purple amethyst
February Birthstone Amethyst Which means and Origin 50

Pink Amethyst

Pink Amethyst types when the mineral Hematite options throughout the crystalline construction of the gemstone. Just one single deposit exists in Patagonia, Argentina. Pink Amethysts provide a paler, extra delicate variation of this stunning gem.

Pink Purple and Green varieties of Amethyst
February Birthstone Amethyst Which means and Origin 51

Pink, Purple and Inexperienced styles of Amethyst.

Inexperienced Amethyst

Amethysts with a inexperienced color come from Prasiolite, a heat-treated type of amethyst. In essence, Prasiolite is a pale inexperienced type of quartz.

Most Prasiolite originates from heat-treating Amethyst which turns yellow or orange, producing Citrine. However by radiating specimens, a inexperienced color outcomes.

For a lot of, confusion arises when Amethyst is known as inexperienced owing to the deep affiliation of Amethyst with the color purple.

Amethyst Jewelry

We create and carry a variety of designs in our jewelry assortment. Moreover, most types seem on our web site and in our showroom.

Because of this, shoppers can name in and buy on the day. Or, order on-line at no cost supply. Lastly, our third various allows them to click on and gather.

Amethyst and diamond cluster ring.
February Birthstone Amethyst Which means and Origin 52

Amethyst and diamond cluster ring.

Amethyst Necklaces

For February birthstone Amethyst jewelry, many patrons select reasonably priced combos. For instance, a Sterling Silver Amethyst necklace.

In distinction, costlier choices present an alternate vary of budgets. These embrace pendants set with a mix of Amethyst and diamonds, held inside Platinum or 18ct Gold.

In actual fact, Platinum, White Gold and Yellow Gold all go well with Amethyst. In actual fact, an Amethyst cluster makes a superb alternative, set with, or with out diamonds.

Bespoke Rubover Amethyst Square Pendant, the perfect February birthstone necklace.

Customized-made Amethyst pendant that includes a sq. gemstone in a rub-over setting. 

Amethyst Earrings

Amethyst makes a superb alternative of gemstone for a wide range of earring types. For instance, stud earrings. Or, Amethyst and diamond halo earrings.

As well as, it makes a beautiful design, minimize into Amethyst drop earrings with a teardrop-shaped gem minimize.

Amethyst stud earrings. Birthstone earrings for February.
February Birthstone Amethyst Which means and Origin 53

Amethyst Eternity Rings

Every so often, we set Amethyst into varied types of eternity ring. Lots of our designs function an alternating association of diamonds with Amethysts minimize into small sizes.

Interwoven diamond and Amethyst eternity ring with milgrain edge detail.
February Birthstone Amethyst Which means and Origin 54

Interwoven diamond and Amethyst eternity ring with milgrain edge element.

Magical Properties of the February Birthstone Amethyst – Myths and Thriller

Amethystos or Amethustos means “not drunk” in Historical Greek. A perception existed that you possibly can drink all through the night time. In actual fact, you possibly can stay sober offered you carried an amethyst inside your mouth or upon your particular person.

“Plato the Youthful,” made reference to an Amethyst inscribed with a picture of Dionysus. A connection to its sobering properties in reference to consuming.

The French poet Remy Belleau created a narrative in 1576 in a set of poems referring to gemstone properties.

The story recounts the actions of the Greek God Bacchus. The maiden Amethyst was became a transparent stone by way of the safety of the goddess Diana. The god of wine Bacchus poured wine over Amethyst, staining her a deep form of violet.

In early Christianity, the purple color led to associations with Christ. Each therapeutic powers and calming properties grew to become related to Amethyst.

As well as, Tibetans join Amethyst to Buddha as a sacred stone. Because of this, prayer beads fabricated from Amethyst lend themselves to each prayer and meditation for Buddhists.

Amethyst for love and Valentine’s Day?

We relate Amethyst to Valentine’s Day. Owing to the February connection, Amethyst make the right match for Valentine’s Day jewelry.

Gems with pink, purple and pink stand out for Valentine’s Day proposals.

Amethyst, options on the hand of St. Valentine within the likeness of Cupid. We join Amethyst to the virtues of calmness within the face of ardour —a advantage throughout Medieval occasions.

Whereas Amethyst signified real love, it supplied safety to warriors in battle.

Amethyst, diamond and blue sapphire engagement ring

White gold Amethyst ring. Amethyst blends superbly with blue sapphires. It contrasts equally effectively in opposition to the dazzling whiteness of a diamond.

Though this ring design was uncommon as an engagement ring, we created a formed marriage ceremony ring to sit down alongside. Taken from the Amethyst and diamond ring assortment made by bespoke design.

Deep purple – Prized Amethysts in Bespoke Jewelry

The February Birthstone Amethyst takes pleasure of place in bespoke jewelry design. Massive Amethysts make an reasonably priced massive gemstone.

With diamond accents, a big minimize of Amethyst makes a putting assertion. That is particularly related for gem stones with deep purple hues.

February birthstone ring, Amethyst and Diamond Flower Ring

Certainly one of our Amethyst rings featured petals, crafted in white gold, set with diamonds round a deep purple oval Amethyst. Amethyst and diamond rings present superb distinction.

Options to Amethyst appropriate for Engagement Rings

Sure gem stones make sturdy options to Amethyst. Certainly one of our current shoppers commissioned a uncommon Purple Spinel with related properties to Sapphire.

Lighter in color, this Purple gemstone made a novel various for her solitaire ring.

February Birthstone Jewelry

Owing to the reasonably priced worth of Amethyst, we stock many objects made out of Sterling Silver. For instance, Silver Amethyst pendants and earrings.

Lots of our reasonably priced designs carry colors starting from deep purple to a lighter shade of purple.

For a February Birthstone reward, Silver Amethyst jewelry makes a beautiful current. Moreover, this gemstone color matches completely with our lavender brand and branding.

Because of this, our presentation bins make an ideal showcase for any merchandise of Amethyst jewelry.

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