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Full Information to G Colour Diamond

Whereas coloured gem stones should be saturated to be of any worth, with diamonds, it’s all concerning the absence of colour. The much less colour a diamond shows, the extra it’s price. Though a D colour diamond takes first place on the colour grading scale, a G colour diamond provides a wonderful worth for much less cash.

When you’re taken with shopping for a G colour diamond, this text will inform you every thing you could know.

What Is a G Colour Diamond?

G Color Diamond Loose GIA Color Grading
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 106

A G colour diamond is the very best letter of the close to colorless class of diamonds (G, H, I, and J). Colour is likely one of the most essential quality-determining elements of a diamond, subsequent to readability, lower, and carat weight, or the “4 Cs.” To know what a G colour diamond is, we’ll should first go over the Gemological Institute of America (GIA)’s colour grading scheme.

Gemologists use GIA’s colour grading scale to find out how clear and colorless a diamond is. The size begins with the letter D and ends with the letter Z. Take into account that this colour grading scheme solely works with colorless diamonds. Fancy diamonds, which are available quite a lot of colours, are an exception.

Diamond Color G color on the Color Scale
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 107

The size consists of 5 classes: colorless, close to colorless, faint, very mild, and lightweight. The rarest and most useful diamonds belong within the colorless class (D, E, and F). A diamond that’s graded as G colour means it’s within the first of the close to colorless class (G, H, I, and J). Most respected jewellery shops solely provide diamonds starting from D to J colour grades.

However what does close to colorless imply precisely? A G colour diamond could have traces of yellow or brown as a result of presence of nitrogen in its atomic construction. Chemical impurities take in blue and purple mild, inflicting the diamond to show a slight yellow tint and dramatically lower the diamond’s worth.

The yellow undertone in close to colorless diamonds isn’t seen to the bare eye, however gemologists can use particular magnifying tools to find out delicate variations.

High Tip: A G colour diamond represents that candy spot between costly colorless diamonds and diamonds with a visual yellow tint. It provides the right steadiness between high quality and worth.

Are G Colour Diamonds Good or Dangerous?

G Colored Diamond Ring
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When you’re contemplating buying a G colour diamond, listed below are a couple of elements you must know.

Execs of G Colour Diamonds

  • G colour diamonds are inexpensive than D, E, and F colour diamonds, regardless of trying practically an identical to the bare eye.
  • They arrive in varied settings, similar to solitaire, halo, and aspect stone.
  • G graded diamonds are extra obtainable than colorless diamonds, that are extraordinarily uncommon in comparison with the full diamond amount on the planet.
  • Numerous cuts work effectively with G graded diamonds, and a few may even make the diamond seem much less coloured.

Cons of G Colour Diamonds

  • If you would like the right worth, it’s higher to go along with colorless diamonds. Though it’s laborious to inform the distinction between colorless and close to colorless diamonds, it nonetheless exists.
  • Though a G graded diamond doesn’t belong within the colorless class, it might probably nonetheless be costly in comparison with H, I, and J diamonds.
  • If you would like a yellow gold or rose gold setting, a G colour diamond won’t be the very best thought, as it might enhance the visibility of the yellow tint inside the diamond.
  • The opposite “4 Cs” could make a distinction within the diamond’s total visible enchantment. Even when a diamond has a G colour, it must be in good condition to reduce the yellow tint.

How A lot Do G Colour Diamonds Price?

Side View G Colored Diamond Ring Sapphire Halo
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 109

By way of colour grade, G colour diamonds are the most well-liked. That’s as a result of regardless that an untrained eye couldn’t distinguish between a G colour and an H colour diamond, the minimal distinction in colour causes a serious worth shift.

Right here’s what you possibly can count on to pay for a G colour diamond on common. For this chart, we’ll use G colour diamonds with a spherical lower and VS2 readability. 

Carat Weight  Value 
0.50 carats $1,200 
1.00 carats  $6,000
1.50 carats $11,000
2.00 carats $22,000
2.50 carats  $38,000
3.00 carats $50,000
3.50 carats  $80,000
4.00 carats $107,000
4.50 carats $150,000
5.00 carats  $175,000

Take into account that these costs differ relying on the diamond’s high quality and the way effectively it was lower. It’s additionally the common worth for a free G colour diamond. If you wish to purchase a G graded diamond with settings, it should price extra. Costs for diamond engagement rings are completely different in each jewellery retailer, so your resolution shouldn’t solely depend upon this desk.

G Colour vs. H Colour

G Color Rose Cut Diamond Ring
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 110

As we talked about, it might be laborious to tell apart between a G colour diamond and an H colour diamond with the bare eye. Nonetheless, these two colour grades will not be the identical. Listed here are the essential three variations between G and H colour diamonds:

The absence of colour

Though each G and H colour diamonds belong within the close to colorless class, they nonetheless include traces of yellow of their construction. For the reason that G colour grade precedes the H colour grade, it reveals much less colour, making it extra worthwhile. You definitively wouldn’t be capable of pair an H colour diamond with rose gold or yellow gold settings.

G colour diamonds are costlier

Since G colour diamonds are extra colorless than H colour diamonds, they’re price extra. Whereas round-cut 1-carat G colour diamonds price $5,000 to $7,000, H colour diamonds with the identical carat weight and lower can go from $4,000 to $6,000. In fact, the full worth will depend on quite a lot of different elements. If you would like a less expensive diamond engagement ring, you must go along with an H colour diamond.

G colour diamonds are extra fashionable

One other main distinction is their demand. G colour diamonds are much more wanted as a result of they provide a greater worth for the cash. They’re additionally inexpensive than D, F, and E colour diamonds.

Understanding GH Colour Diamond

GH Colored Diamond Rings
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 111

Distinguishing a G colour diamond and an H colour diamond will be difficult, even for gemologists. That’s why we have now GH colour diamonds. Though it’s not an official a part of the GIA colour grading scale, a GH colour merely represents the colour between G and H. Others check with this colour as a G/H colour, a G-H colour, or a G H colour.

You gained’t discover many diamonds with the GH colour grade just because not a variety of jewelers use it. When you do encounter it on an internet jewellery retailer or an internet site, you’ll know what it means.

Are G Colour Diamonds Costly?

G Colored Diamond Ring Yellow Diamond Setting
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 112

G colour diamonds are on common extra inexpensive than diamonds categorised as colorless.

Let’s examine the common worth of a G colour diamond and that of colorless diamonds. Whereas it’s attainable to seek out round-cut 1-carat F or E colour diamonds for $5,000, they’re extra more likely to command a better worth. If we have been to take a look at D colour diamonds, we’d see that the costs are drastically elevated. A 1-carat round-cut D colour diamond can price between $12,500 and $15,000, greater than twice as costly as a G colour diamond.

Compared to the costs of D colour diamonds, G colour diamonds aren’t so costly. To be extra exact, their costs are decrease by 10% to 25%.

That being mentioned, G colour diamonds are costlier than H, I, and J colour diamonds. Relying on the diamond’s different traits, H-J colour diamonds could solely price a couple of thousand {dollars}. H colour diamonds can price 15% to 30% lower than D colour diamonds, whereas J colour diamonds go for a fair lower cost.

G Colour and Diamond Shapes

If you would like a G colour diamond, selecting the best form is crucial. The diamond’s lower is an important attribute as a result of it might probably decide how the complete diamond will look. Listed here are some diamond shapes that go effectively with G colour diamonds and a few that you must keep away from:

Spherical G Colour Diamond

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond on Grey Background
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 113

There’s cause the spherical sensible lower is the most well-liked. Not solely is it universally flattering on all finger sizes and styles, however it additionally permits a excessive diploma of sunshine to journey by way of the diamond, making it as sparkly as attainable. Because it displays extra mild, a spherical lower can conceal any traces of yellow. That’s why the spherical sensible lower is ideal for G colour diamonds.

Princess G Colour Diamond

Brilliant Cut Princess Diamond on Grey Background
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 114

The princess lower is one other good choice for a G colour diamond. Not solely are they exceptionally sensible, however they may even conceal any traces of yellow within the diamond. The princess lower can also be the most well-liked fancy lower.

Pear, Oval, and Marquise G Colour Diamonds

Brilliant Pear Shape Cut Diamond
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 115

With pear, oval, and marquise cuts, it’s all concerning the size, in order that they might not be the only option for G colour diamonds. As a result of they present extra colour, they might maximize the yellow tint and make it appear extra saturated than it really is. This occurs as a result of they’ve sharp edges, the place the colour is normally seen.

Emerald and Asscher G Colour Diamonds

Emerald Cut Diamond on Grey Background
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 116

If you would like a G colour diamond, keep away from step cuts, just like the emerald lower and the Asscher lower. They present extra colour as a result of they’ve massive sides. Since they’ve a flat floor, they replicate much less mild than spherical sensible cuts, making them much less sparkly.

Seven Insider Suggestions When Shopping for G Colour Diamond

When you’ve determined to purchase a G colour diamond, listed below are seven essential suggestions to remember and make your procuring expertise simpler:

1. Purchase Vintage Diamonds

Antique Diamond Cluster Ring
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 117

For many who wish to keep away from all of the sophisticated issues of buying a G colour diamond, shopping for an vintage diamond is the reply.

Vintage diamonds are handcrafted as a result of fashionable diamond reducing tools wasn’t developed till the Fifties. Because of this, vintage cuts replicate mild in another way. For instance, the previous European lower, the vintage model of the spherical sensible lower, permits extra mild to journey by way of the stone. That’s why vintage diamonds seem a lot whiter than fashionable, lab-grown diamonds.

To not point out that an vintage ring is exclusive, so you should have an engagement ring like no different.

2. Store in Individual

Customer in Showroom looking at Diamond Engagement Ring on Hand
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 118

You should be further cautious when purchasing for a G colour diamond. It’s simple to Photoshop the diamond’s colour, making it seem whiter than it actually is. That’s why purchasing for the diamond in individual is all the time a greater thought. When you discover a G colour diamond engagement ring that you simply actually like on-line, you possibly can all the time ask to see the ring in individual earlier than making the acquisition.

3. Set the Diamond in Platinum or White Gold

18k white gold engagement ring
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 119

One artful option to reduce any hints of yellow inside the diamonds is with a white setting. Setting the ring in platinum or white gold will make the yellow colour much less apparent. Then again, yellow and rose gold settings will make the stone look darker as a result of the gold colour will replicate on the stone.

4. Get the Spherical Good Reduce

1.14 Carat G color Engagement Ring
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 120

As we already defined, how a diamond is lower tremendously impacts the diamond’s true colour. If you wish to purchase a G colour diamond, one of the simplest ways to cover any traces of yellow is with a spherical sensible lower. That’s as a result of this lower is great at concealing yellow or brown coloration. If a diamond has a high-quality lower, it might probably look as colorless as a D colour diamond.

5. Ask for a GIA Certification

GIA D Color Diamond in UV Seal
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 121

Many jewelers say {that a} diamond certification makes the fifth “C.” Solely skilled gemologists are approved to grade diamond colour. When you see {that a} diamond has a “G-J” colour vary as an alternative of a particular colour grade, you’ll know that the diamond isn’t verified by GIA. Additionally, if you happen to can see the yellow tint with out magnification, it’s not a G colour diamond.

6. Don’t Go Overboard With the Dimension

old European cut diamond
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 122

It doesn’t matter what form of diamond engagement ring you wish to purchase, do not forget that the larger the diamond, the extra apparent its inclusions will probably be. This additionally applies to diamonds with a yellow tint. The extra carat weight will increase, the extra detectable the colour will probably be. To remain protected, you possibly can’t go flawed with a 1-carat or a 1.50-carat diamond.

7. Select the Proper Settings

platinum engagement ring GIA-certified old European cut diamond
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 123

Lastly, as with all diamond, selecting the best settings that flatter the diamond is vital.

Recommendation for Setting a G Colour Diamond Into an Engagement Ring

Antique Cushion Cut G Color Diamond Ring
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 124

The wonderful thing about G colour diamonds is that their slight yellow tints aren’t seen to the bare eye. This lets you select from quite a lot of settings.

G colour diamonds would look fantastic in halo-style settings, particularly if the halo is about with smaller diamonds.

For instance, check out the Marino ring. It incorporates a G colour diamond with an vintage cushion lower, 1.10 carats, and SI1 readability. The diamond is GIA-certified, and it’s set in platinum. This ring appears to be like completely beautiful from each angle.

Halo settings are one other good selection as a result of the halo will masks any yellow impurities. Merely put, you possibly can’t see any traces of colour if you view the diamond from the highest. That’s why brilliance is so important. It masks tiny hints of colour.

When you have been to view the stone from the aspect, you would possibly be capable of see some colour. Nevertheless, the yellow tint will probably be utterly hidden if there’s a halo across the diamond.

Solitaire settings are one other nice selection, placing the diamond on the focus. Relying on the dimensions of the diamond, you possibly can select between 4-prong or 6-prong settings. Even pave-set and channel-set rings would look fabulous with a G colour diamond.

Do G Colour Diamonds Look Yellow?

Side View G Color Brilliant Diamond
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 125

Folks planning to purchase diamonds exterior the colorless class all the time fear about their diamonds being yellow in individual. Nevertheless, you gained’t have to fret about this with G colour diamonds. As we already defined, if there’s a slight yellow undertone within the diamond, it might probably solely be detected in a gemological lab. Any presence of colour wouldn’t be noticeable in a traditional surroundings.

Furthermore, even the faintest trace of yellow solely turns into detectable if you place the diamond the wrong way up or on the aspect. The diamond will look completely colorless from the highest, so there’s no want to fret.

Shopping for a diamond engagement ring from Estate Diamond Jewelry
Full Information to G Colour Diamond 126

There are lots of explanation why you can purchase a G graded diamond as an alternative of a diamond from the D-E class. They provide practically an identical high quality colorless diamonds and are far more cheap.

When you’re taken with shopping for a G colour diamond however you’re undecided the place to begin, you possibly can all the time speak to one of many diamond specialists at Diamond Property Jewellery. Simply fill out the shape beneath, and we’ll get again to you as quickly as attainable.



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