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Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats

Lastly, right here it’s – The right french fries recipe! Primarily based on a ground-breaking technique from the legendary Kenji López-Alt’s The Meals Lab, these sizzling chips are so crispy they keep that manner even after they’ve gone chilly. It’s uncommon to seek out fries this good even at up-market bistros!

Bowl of freshly made French fries with rosemary salt
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 109

No false guarantees – these french fries actually keep crisp!

There’s nothing extra deflating than going to all the trouble of creating your personal fries from scratch, solely to seek out they begin shedding crispiness earlier than they even hit the desk. Which is what occurs if you happen to use the usual manner of cooking selfmade fries – soaking in water adopted by a double fry.

Nicely, it’s taken me years however with the assistance of the impressively thorough french fry analysis documented in Kenji López-Alt’s The Meals Lab, Chef JB and I’ve lastly nailed down the recipe for the proper selfmade french fries. Fluffy on the within, crispy on the skin – and stays crispy effectively past the time it takes to eat the fries and, say, a giant juicy Cheeseburger. The perfect french fry!

Actually, the crispiness endurance is insane. These french fries are nonetheless crispy even after they’ve gone chilly!

Heads up – this publish is sort of lengthy as a result of I cowl the “why” and in addition need to arm French fry first-timers with the boldness to make this recipe. So if you happen to’re a professional, skip to the recipe , recipe video or higher but, Dozer!

Tongs picking up homemade French fries
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 110

French fries recipe overview

How to make Crispy Chips Overview
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 111
  1. Lower fries with a serrated knife (secret crispiness tip #1)

  2. No soaking, simply rinse

  3. Gently simmer 10 minutes in vinegar water (secret crispiness tip #2! And no, you may’t style vinegar)

  4. Shallow-fry twice

Close up of homemade French fries recipe
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 112

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Background: Rethinking the french fry technique

The standard manner of creating french fries entails firstly soaking the uncooked fries in water adopted by a double fry. This was (nonetheless is?) the best way college students have been taught at cookery college and continues to be the default technique utilized by many eating places and pubs.

This technique will yield crispy fries when they’re piping sizzling, straight out of the fryer. However the first drawback is that inside minutes, earlier than they even hit the desk, they begin to lose crispiness. I additionally discovered this classical technique is closely depending on the potato. You get various ranges of crispiness relying on the potato high quality and even season, because the starch / sugar ranges of potatoes range all year long. That is true even if you happen to use the perfect number of potato.

Nicely, this gained’t-stay-crispy drawback and unpredictability simply gained’t minimize it anymore. So, old skool technique ditched. It’s time to take a look at trendy strategies with higher and extra dependable outcomes!

Truly it’s not simply me. Occasions have modified typically and eating places all over the world use all types of strategies as of late in pursuit of the last word crispy French fries. Some go to excessive lengths like triple or quadruple frying, in a single day resting, or frying in pure beef drippings.

However we don’t have to dabble in any such tedious restaurant kitchen shenanigans. This technique I’m sharing at the moment is one which any house prepare dinner can do. It’s tailored from Kenji Lopez-Alt’s french fries recipe from his iconic cookbook The Meals Lab. It’s not notably technical. However you do have to be comfy frying in oil. That stated, on this recipe we solely shallow fry and never deep fry – at all times a bonus!

Frying French fries
These fries solely have to be shallow fried, not deep fried, to crispy perfection!

What you want

Right here’s all you have to make your crispy french fry goals a actuality. Yep, that is all!

Ingredients for crispy French fries
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 113
  • Potato – The sort is vital. Starchy, floury potatoes are the potatoes you want for crispy fries.

    • Australia: Sebago (the frequent soiled brushed potatoes you see in all places)

    • US: Russet (also referred to as Idaho potatoes)

    • UK: Maris Piper or King Edward.

  • Vinegar – For simmering the potatoes, it’s one secret weapon for excellent fries. There isn’t a hint of vinegar flavour as soon as cooked. See Step 4 under for the why.

  • Salt – For seasoning the water so the potatoes are seasoned throughout.

  • Oil – For frying. I exploit vegetable or canola oil that are neutrally-flavoured oils. Re-using the oil: The oil will be re-used 3 to 4 occasions, or extra. It gained’t even have to be strained. Simply cool, pour into jars and maintain within the pantry!

Learn how to make stay-crispy French fries

To get forward or prepare dinner large batches, make the fries as much as the top of Fry #1, cool then freeze till you’re able to prepare dinner. Then do Fry #2 from frozen. Useful!

1. Lower fries

How to make crispy French fries
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 114

First, we’ve to chop our fries. A neat little crispy fries trick you might not have seen earlier than: use a serrated knife to chop the potatoes. Although not seen to the attention, it makes the floor rougher subsequently creating extra floor space to crisp up = crispier fries!

What measurement to chop the fries: 6 mm / 1/4″ batons is the perfect measurement for optimum crispiness and fluffy insides. Thicker = much less crispy. Thinner = not sufficient fluffiness inside.

Learn how to slice: Lower an entire potato into 6 mm / 1/4″ thick slices. Stack 2 or 3 slices then minimize into 6 mm / 1/4″ thick batons.

2. Preserve in water to stop browning

Preserve minimize fries in water to stop them from browning as you proceed reducing. No soaking time is definitely required. A easy rinse adopted by simmering the potatoes in vinegar water takes care of this for us.

How to make crispy French fries
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 115

3. Rinse

As soon as all of the fries are minimize, place in a colander then rinse below faucet water for 15 – 20 seconds. This is step one to take away extra sugars from the floor of the potatoes (extra on the “why” of this under, however briefly it’s to help crispiness – in fact!). In the meantime, the insides stay untouched by water so that they’ll prepare dinner up good and fluffy.

4. Prepare dinner in vinegar water = superior crispiness

As soon as the potatoes are rinsed, place them in a pot with chilly faucet water, vinegar and salt. Carry to a boil on excessive warmth then instantly flip all the way down to low so the floor is barely rippling. Prepare dinner for 10 minutes. See under for the “why” for this step!

How to make crispy French fries
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 116

What’s the objective of cooking in vinegar water?

That is the actually intelligent half, a no-extra-effort step found by Kenji Lopez-Alt from Critical Eats which makes all of the distinction. There’s a number of technical science behind the why, however in a nutshell:

  • Simmering the fries in water washes away the surplus sugars that may trigger the fries to brown an excessive amount of earlier than they’ve an opportunity to correctly crisp up when frying

  • The water additionally prompts the starches within the potato. Starch, when fried, is what creates that crispy floor we would like!

  • In the meantime including acid (the vinegar) to the water prevents the potatoes from disintegrating for the ten minute simmering time required. (Like how tart Granny Smith apples don’t flip into child meals mush when cooked whereas candy purple apples do.)

In case you’re questioning, sure I attempted variations like no-vinegar, shorter and longer cooking occasions, speedy boil versus light simmering. The vinegar water simmering technique for 10 minutes works. Don’t skip it or shortcut it!

5. Drain and dry

Use a spider or massive slotted spoon to take away the potatoes from the water right into a colander. Then fastidiously unfold the potatoes out on two tea towel-lined trays to steam dry for five minutes. No have to pat them dry, the residual warmth will do the job for us.

How to make crispy French fries
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 117

6. Cooking vessel and oil

How to make crispy French fries
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 118
  • Oil temperature – Preheat the oil to 205°C/400°F. Use a thermometer to observe the temperature. I exploit a Thermapen, see my Important Kitchenwares publish for extra particulars.

7. Fry #1

⚠️ IMPORTANT: For security causes, please comply with the instructions to pause 10 seconds between including batches of extra potato into the oil! As you may see within the images under, the oil bubbles up fairly excessive and vigorously as quickly as you add some potato. For those who add all of the potato in a single go, the oil will bubble up even greater and sooner, which is dangerous. I’m talking from first hand expertise right here!

How to make crispy French fries
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 119
  • Prepare dinner the fries in 3 batches – Separate the cooked potatoes into 3 even piles (batches). We will likely be doing Fry #1 in three batches in a 24 cm / 10″ pot. In case your pot is bigger or smaller, regulate the variety of batches accordingly so all of the fries in a single batch can float in a single layer within the oil.

  • Add 1/3 of Batch #1 – Utilizing a spider or slotted spoon, fastidiously add 1/3 of the primary batch into the oil.

  • ⚠️ WAIT 10 seconds then add one other 1/3 of batch #1. Pausing earlier than including extra fries is vital to make sure the oil doesn’t bubble up too excessive. Use this time to load up, prepared so as to add extra fries.

  • Repeat – Wait 10 seconds, then add the ultimate 1/3 of Batch #1.

  • Fry 50 seconds – As soon as all of the fries are in, begin the timer and fry for 50 seconds, shifting the fries round a couple of times.

8. Cool half-hour

Take away the fries from the oil utilizing a slotted spoon and unfold onto a paper towel-lined tray in a single layer. They are going to be pale and never but crispy.

Perform Fry #1 for the remaining two batches utilizing the identical staggered strategy (ie. 1/3 + 1/3 + 1/3) inside every batch. Make sure the oil is again at 205°C/400°F earlier than beginning every batch. Then cool all of the fries for half-hour on some paper towel-lined trays.

How to make crispy French fries
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 120

9. Fry #2 – crisp them up!

After cooling the fries, warmth the oil to 205°C/400°F once more. Now fry half all of the french fries for 4 minutes till they’re a stunning golden color and splendidly crispy.

Take away with a slotted spoon into a big paper towel-lined bowl then repeat with the remaining fries.

How to make crispy French fries
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 121

Why a bowl as a substitute of tray to carry the fries? A bowl retains the cooked fries hotter while nonetheless permitting for oil drainage. This fashion the primary batch you prepare dinner will nonetheless be sizzling by the point you end cooking the second batch. The bowl additionally doubles as an appropriate tossing vessel as soon as sprinkled together with your favorite seasoning, as you’ll see later!

Learn how to prepare dinner numerous fries and serve all of them sizzling? Accomplished fries will be flash-fried for an additional 30 seconds to 1 minute to reheat. This fashion you may serve up all the fries piping sizzling!

Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 122

10. Seasoning!

Now that your fries are completed, sprinkle with salt or your favorite fries seasoning whereas sizzling so the salt sticks. Toss, then serve! Bear in mind, these fries will keep crispy for greater than quarter-hour, although in fact they’re greatest consumed piping sizzling!

Tip: Bear in mind these French fries are additionally pre-salted inside as a result of we blanched them in salted water. So don’t go too loopy with the seasoning salt. Sprinkle judiciously, style (I do know, I hate to ask that of you), after which sprinkle extra if you happen to suppose it wants it.

How to make crispy French fries
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 123

Seasoning choices:

  • Salt – desk salt or sea salt flakes. Bigger-grained cooking or kosher salt doesn’t stick as effectively.

  • Rosemary salt (recipe) – made with contemporary rosemary. My favorite!

  • Fries seasoning (recipe) – a savoury fries seasoning mix. Addictive!

  • Nori seasoning (coming quickly) – made with finely floor nori (dried seaweed). Très fashionable!

Sprinkling French fries seasoning on French fries
Good Crispy French fries | RecipeTin Eats 124


I do know that’s a number of data to digest for just a few bits of fried potato 😂. However for this recipe, I assumed some folks would possibly discover the why behind sure steps attention-grabbing (we examined these fries a LOT!!!). Additionally, I need to give everybody the boldness to do that even if you happen to aren’t skilled frying in oil. Bear in mind, these chips are shallow-fried not deep-fried! Shallow-frying is less complicated, cleaner, safer and fewer resource-intensive than deep-frying – all good explanation why you need to give this a go. ☺️

French fries recipe with cheeseburger ready to be eaten
Do-it-yourself fries with a Cheeseburger! Does it get any higher than this??

Actually price making

I do know frying is one thing that many individuals are usually not so comfy with, or at the very least provides pause to surprise if it’s price all the trouble.

These fries? Hand on coronary heart, they’re definitely worth the effort! It’s uncommon to seek out fries this good even at actually up-market bistros and eating places, by no means thoughts the cash you’ll shell out for them. Maccas fries (McDonalds, to you non-Aussies!) are incomparable – they’re dry and tasteless in comparison with selfmade. Imagine me – my reminiscence continues to be contemporary from once I ate them aspect by aspect as a take a look at yesterday! 😂

I actually hope you strive these sooner or later, so that you get to expertise the uncommon pleasure of really superb french fries, cooked contemporary in your personal house. And if you happen to do, share your ideas within the feedback under. I’d like to know what you suppose – particularly all you french fry connoisseurs!! – Nagi x

Serve with…

Watch the way to make it

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Bowl of freshly made French fries

Good Crispy French Fries


Faucet or hover to scale

Recipe video above. If you need French fries that keep crispy for a great quarter-hour – even after they’ve gone chilly(!) – that is the recipe for you. Tailored from a ground-breaking technique documented in The Meals Lab by the legendary Kenji López-Alt, learn in publish for why this recipe works and makes the most effective French fries!I actually hope you do this sooner or later so you may expertise the awesomeness of selfmade French fries. McDonald’s is incomparable!


  • Lower: Peel the potatoes. Lower into 6 mm / 1/4″ French fries utilizing a serrated knife. (Word 4)

  • Preserve minimize fries submerged in a bowl of water to stop them from going brown whilst you minimize the rest. (No want for precise soaking past this.)

  • Rinse: Switch potatoes to a colander and rinse below faucet water for 15 – 20 seconds.

  • Simmer: Place fries in a big pot with 2 litres/quarts of chilly faucet water, vinegar and salt. Carry to a boil over excessive warmth then instantly cut back range to low so the floor is rippling gently (Word 5), not large bubbles. Prepare dinner for 10 minutes then fastidiously take away utilizing a slotted spoon right into a colander (don’t tip into colander, fries will break).

  • Dry 5 min: Unfold the fries on 2 tea towel lined trays. Depart to steam dry for five minutes.

  • Pot: Pour 3 cm / 1.2″ of oil in a pot that’s at the very least 10cm/4″ excessive (⚠️for security, want at the very least 7 cm / 3″ from oil floor to rim of pot, Word 6)

  • Separate the fries into 3 Batches (for cooking).

Fry #1

  • Warmth oil to 205°C/400°F over medium excessive warmth.

  • ⚠️10 sec pause (Word 7): Decrease 1/3 of Batch 1 fries into the oil utilizing a slotted spoon. WAIT 10 seconds, add one other 1/3 of the fries, wait 10 seconds, then add the remaining Batch 1 fries.

  • 50 sec fry: Fry for 50 seconds, shifting them round a couple of times. Then take away with a slotted spoon onto 2 paper towel lined trays, unfold out in a single layer. The fries will nonetheless be white and floppy.

  • Repeat Fry #1 with Batches 2 and three, making certain the oil is again at 205°C/400°F earlier than cooking.

Fry #2

  • 30 min cool: Leaves fries to chill for half-hour.

  • Line a big bowl with paper towels – for draining and tossing.

  • Fry #2: Warmth oil to 205°C/400°F. Fry half the French fries for 4 minutes, shifting them round twice, or till golden brown and crispy. Drain within the lined bowl, then repeat with remaining fries.

Recipe Notes:

1. Potato – the potato kind issues! Floury/starchy potatoes make crispy fries with fluffy insides. Waxy potatoes gained’t be as crispy. For those who aren’t acquainted with the potato sorts listed within the substances, google the potato you may have – “Are XX potatoes starchy?”. If sure, or it’s an “all-rounder”, it’s high-quality to make use of!
2. Vinegar – simply plain white distilled vinegar. Retains the potato from turning into mush with 10 min blanch time required to take away enough starch so the fries turn into crispy. See in publish for particulars!
3. Salt – For those who solely have desk salt, use 2 teaspoons.
4. Serrated knife creates a rougher floor = crispier fries. However not the top of the world if you happen to don’t use one – nonetheless tremendous crispy!
Chopping fries: slice the potato into 6 mm / 1/4″ thick slices. Stack 2 or 3, then minimize into 6 mm / 1/4″ fries.
5. Simmering for 10 minutes is a key step for extremely crispy fries. This washes away extra sugar from the floor which causes fries to brown too rapidly, earlier than they’ve an opportunity to turn into crisp.
You don’t need bubbles as a result of if the water is effervescent too quickly the fries will prepare dinner an excessive amount of / too quick and break.
6. Pot measurement – Necessary to make sure there’s enough head room to permit for oil effervescent. My pot is 24cm / 10″ huge and 10cm / 4″ deep.
My pot requires 1 litre/quart of oil to have a 3cm/1.2″ depth.
Re-use oil 3 to 4 occasions. Cool then retailer in jars. The oil shouldn’t have to be strained after cooking the fries.
7. 10 second pause between including extra fries into the oil for Fry #1 is vital to scale back the quantity the oil bubbles up. For those who add them multi functional go, the oil bubbles up extra quickly and better.
8. Seasoning – Bear in mind the fries have already got some salt, so season then style and regulate as wanted.
9. Massive batch – For those who scale up the recipe, you may flash-fry earlier batches for 30 seconds to 1 minute to reheat.
10. Freezing – Freezes 100% completely! After Fry #1, totally cool the fries then freeze on a tray (you may stack all of them on one tray). As soon as frozen, they are often tipped right into a container or ziplock bag for freezing – identical to retailer purchased frozen fries! Prepare dinner from frozen for 4 1/2 minutes.
11. Diet – Not possible to calculate however I do know each calorie is price it. 😇 Have salad tomorrow.

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