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Hermès “Contact” Luggage: The place Leather-based Meets a Splash of Exotics

Hermès, whereas all the time staying true to its historical past and aesthetic, by no means stops attempting to create the objects of our desires. Generally these come within the type of one thing utterly new: a jewellery line, make-up, or a silk-lined pockets that matches all the things simply so. Different instances, it’s a particular twist in a beloved design that sparks our ardour and turns into an object of need.

A current twist that has turn out to be very fashionable is Hermès’ “Contact” line of baggage.

What’s an Hermès Contact Bag?

The “Contact” luggage have been initially provided for Spring/Summer time 2018 in just a few colours and restricted types – initially, this solely included:

  • the 30cm Birkin
  • the 28 and 32cm Kelly
  • the 26cm Lindy
  • the 18 and 22cm Picotin

They’re fabricated from two sorts of leather-based: many of the physique is made in common leather-based (the kind of leather-based initially relied on the bag type), with accents – handles, straps, and the flap for the Birkin – in Alligator or Crocodile (each matte and glossy leathers have been used).

The Contact line has expanded since then, with bag types together with:

  • the 25cm and 30cm Birkin
  • the 25cm, 28cm, and 32cm Kelly Retourne
  • the 25cm and 28cm Kelly Sellier
  • the Mini Kelly
  • the Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch
  • the Kelly Dépêches 36
  • the Kelly To Go
  • the Mini Lindy
  • the 26cm Lindy
  • the Mini Roulis
  • the Roulis
  • the 18cm and 22cm Picotin
  • the Verrou
  • the 24/24 and
  • the Baton de Craie (SS19)

The unique leathers used have additionally expanded to incorporate Contact luggage made with Ostrich (instead of the common leather-based) or Lizard (instead of Alligator or Crocodile).

A 30cm Birkin in Noir with RGHW.

A 30cm Birkin in Noir with RGHW.

The Enchantment of the Contact Luggage

The Contact luggage have turn out to be very fashionable for quite a lot of causes:

First, there may be an plain aesthetic in its look, which is visually pleasing; the unique accents simply look so good, and, for individuals who adore the look of an unique bag however could also be cautious concerning the upkeep, it’s a bag that’s a lot simpler to take care of than a bag made solely of unique leather-based.

Moreover, because the unique items are accents, the value is way decrease than a full-exotic bag. The rule of thumb on worth for Contact luggage has been someplace within the neighborhood of double the value of a daily leather-based bag.

Lastly, the Contact luggage exemplify Hermès’ company dedication to lowering waste and dealing in the direction of zero extra materials.

A 25cm Kelly Sellier in Anemone Madame and Amethyst Croc with RGHW from May 2022. Photo courtesy of TPFer @Meta.

A 25cm Kelly Sellier in Anemone Madame and Amethyst Croc with RGHW from Could 2022. Picture courtesy of TPFer @Meta.

Historical past of the Hermès Contact Luggage

Hermès has performed with varied iterations of the Contact type over time, with blended outcomes. For the reason that home has produced its luggage in virtually 100 totally different supplies over the course of practically two centuries and with a cultured but typically quirky aesthetic, it’s pure that the model would experiment with producing articles with totally different leathers.

Certainly, sure types are generally produced with blended textiles, just like the Backyard Get together bag, canvas/toile variations of Birkins and Kellys, or a bag performed in a single materials and edged in one other.

Some current examples of a manufacturing bag (often push supply) using quite a few leathers embrace:

  • a very elegant Kelly, just like the present Birkin Contact, which was made within the early ’90s
  • Tri-Leather-based luggage (just like the Contact, with one leather-based for the back and front; one other for the deal with, strap and sangles, however with a further third leather-based on the edges)
  • the Restricted Version “Patchwork Birkin” provided for SS17 (which utilized seven totally different leathers) and
  • the “Grand Marriage” Birkins, which utilized Crocodile, Ostrich, and Lizard.

For the reason that Contact type started manufacturing, Hermès nonetheless makes occasional variations, which can be composed of two (or hardly ever a number of) leathers, both non-exotic or all-exotic.

Hermès Contact Costs and Availability

These luggage have turn out to be very fashionable, and over the seasons Hermès has constantly launched new bag choices, new colours and new mixtures.

How onerous are they to get?

They’re undoubtedly being produced, in all probability on the similar price proportional to all of their in style types. In some places, the Contact may very well be even a bit simpler to buy, for a number of causes:

First, the value is considerably greater than a non-touch bag. Additionally, as a result of bag’s format, a big a part of the unique leather-based additions are on the handles, and are due to this fact are extra delicate and topic to extra put on than the physique of the bag, which for some could also be dissuasive (are you actually going to cowl them with twillies?).

Lastly, desirability is a matter of private style, and a few individuals can also choose sure mixtures over others (Ostrich, for instance is just not beloved by everybody).

Bag Dimension Leather-based US Euro UK Different
Birkin 25cm Togo/Croc or Gator $19,500 €14,500
Birkin 30cm Togo/Croc or Gator $23,500 $19,750 CHF
Birkin 30cm Ostrich/Gator $26,500
Lindy Mini Swift/Gator $10,100 €6900 $11,200 CAD
Picotin 18cm Clemence/Ostrich $3,800
Picotin 18cm Clemence/Gator $4,625 £3,320
Picotin 22cm Clemence/Gator $4,900 €3600 £3510

Hermès Contact Luggage accessible in 2023

What bag types are in manufacturing this season?

  • Birkin: 25 and 30
  • Kelly: 25 and 28 Retourne, 25 Sellier, Mini
  • the Kelly Dépêches 25 Pouch
  • Lindy: 26cm and Mini
  • Picotin: 18cm and 22cm
  • Roulis: Common and Mini
  • 24/24
  • Kelly To Go

Accessible colours embrace:

  • Anemone with Amethyst (Kelly Sellier)
  • Bamboo with Cactus
  • Beton
  • Bleu France with Bleu Saphir (Kelly)
  • Bleu Nuit with Bleu Indigo
  • Bleu Royal with Bleu Saphir Lizard
  • Bleu Saphir with Noir
  • Brique with Sanguine
  • Bronze Dore with Beige Sable
  • Caramel with Tabac Camel
  • Caramel Ostrich with Tabac Camel
  • Capucine with Orange Poppy
  • Chai
  • Chai with Miel
  • Framboise
  • Gold
  • Menthe Lizard (Kelly)
  • Noir (Togo, Ostrich, Lizard)
  • Rose Stunning (Mini Roulis)
  • Rouge Sellier with Bourgogne
  • Vert Bosphore with Vert Rousseau
  • Vert Cypres
  • Vert Verone with Vert Jade (Kelly Sellier)

Timeline and Overview of Contact Bag Manufacturing


Contact Luggage have been launched for Spring/Summer time 2018 (SS18). Luggage provided have been:

Birkin Contact

  • 30cm solely
  • Novillo (Noir) or Madame (Bleu Saphir) leather-based
  • GHW, PHW or RGHW

Kelly Contact

  • 28cm and 32cm
  • Bleu Nuit with Bleu Marine Crocodile, Beton and Noir
  • For the primary season it solely got here with PHW
  • Till SS21 the unique leather-based was solely on the deal with of the bag
  • Till AW21 the Kelly Contact was solely produced in Togo and due to this fact was solely made within the Retourne construction

Lindy Contact

  • 26cm solely
  • Noir, Bleu Electrical and Vert Vertigo
  • Clemence with matte handles and strap

Picotin Contact

  • 18cm and 22cm
  • Similar colours and leather-based because the Lindy

For the primary season it seems that RGHW luggage have been made with Shiny Crocodile (“Croc”), and GHW and PHW luggage have been made with Matte Alligator (“Gator”).


Birkin Contact

  • Added the 25 cm dimension
  • Togo was added

New colours:

  • Jaune Ambre; 
  • Noisette in Chevre with Etrusque; 
  • Raisin Togo with Prunoir; and 
  • Vert Cypres.

Briefly produced throughout SS19 was a Baton de Craie Contact in Framboise PHW.


Lindy Contact

  • Some luggage have been produced in Veau Volupto as an alternative of Clemence

New bag types:

  • Kelly To Go Contact
  • Verrou Contact

New colours:

  • Anemone with Cassis;
  • Bambou Togo with Cactus Crocodile; 
  • Rose Azalee (Lindy and Picotin Contact); and
  • Vert Bosphore with Vert Rousseau.


Kelly Contact:

  • Hermès lastly revised the Kelly Contact to incorporate unique sangles, clochette and lock along with the deal with (SS21). 

New bag types:

  • Sellier Kelly Contact (added for AW21 in Madame and Monsieur leathers)
  • Kelly Contact with Lizard
  • Kelly Dépêches 25 Contact (pouch)
  • Kelly Dépêches 36 (Briefcase) Contact
  • Mini Lindy Contact, produced in Swift

New colours:

  • Bamboo with Cactus
  • Brique with Sanguine
  • Caramel Togo with Tabac Camel
  • Framboise (AW21 – B25 and Picotin Lock)
  • Gold
  • Menthe Togo with Lizard (AW21 – Kelly Retourne)
  • Mykonos with Bleu Zellige (Kelly To Go)
  • Rouge Grenat (Lindy Contact)
  • Rouge Sellier with Bourgogne
  • Vert Verone Madame with Vert Jade (AW21 – Kelly Sellier)

Ostrich with Crocodile mixtures have been added in:

  • Cognac with Miel
  • Violine with Cassis
  • Each have been initially produced with PHW

Permabrass {hardware} was added for some luggage.

New for Spring/Summer time 2021

New for Fall/Winter 2021


New bag types:

  • Birkin Contact with Lizard
  • Mini Kelly Contact
  • Roulis Contact
  • Mini Roulis Contact

New colours:

  • Anemone Madame with Amethyst (Kelly Sellier)
  • Bleu France with Bleu Saphir Lizard (Kelly)
  • Blue Royal with Bleu Saphir Lizard (Birkin)
  • Bronze Dore with Beige Sable
  • Capucine with Orange Poppy
  • Chai with Miel


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