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How To Make Vacation Ornaments with Epoxy Clay, Molding Putty & Colorized Resin!

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That is our annual tutorial repost from a vacation decoration workshop we taught on-line in a earlier yr. I can’t wait to unpack my vacation ornaments as a result of all of those samples are actually inside these bins and I’m wanting ahead to seeing them.

Here’s what you’ll be taught on this tutorial:

  • The best way to create molds utilizing Simple Mould Silicone Putty
  • The best way to combine and sculpt Epoxy Clay
  • The best way to combine and colorize Nunn Design Resin with Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigments
  • The best way to apply the colorized resin to the Crystal Clay Ornaments.

Select Your Resin Shade:

IMG 1860 570

What colours will you make? Try our Pantone Shade Resin Components Cheatsheet with new 2022 colour formulation!

Study How:

Provides Wanted:

  • Nunn Design 2-Half Resin Package
  • Nunn Design Grande Pendant Navette
  • Nunn Design Grande Pendant Circle
  • Decoration Hooks
  • Jumprings
  • Epoxy Clay
  • Simple Mould Silicone Putty
  • Brass Metallic Stamping or Classic Button
  • Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigments

Different Provides Wanted:

  • Moist wipes
  • Toothpicks or headpins
  • Gloves
  • Plastic Bag
  • Enterprise playing cards or card inventory
  • Q-tips
  • Rubbing Alcohol

Instruments Wanted:

As we shut out method merchandise from our product line, we’ve got been requested for options on different merchandise that we’d advocate. Please check out this weblog put up for various options for Nunn Design 2-Half Resin, Crystal Clay and different gadgets: Alternative Approach Merchandise

Watch Tutorial Video from earlier Fb Reside:

In a earlier yr we did a Fb Reside tutorial strolling you thru the entire course of. Watch this video tutorial whilst you make your vacation ornaments!

Put together Your Nunn Design Bezels

Step 1. The Nunn Design Findings are oxidized to offer the aged look to the dear steel plating. The oxidization, when it comes into contact with the Epoxy Clay might change the colour of the clay.

IMG 0813 570

To keep away from this, clear the findings totally previous to making use of the clay. Get the tip of a Q-Tip moist with rubbing alcohol and clear away any of the blackened oxidization on each sizes of the bezels.

Making the Silicone Mould

IMG 1340 crop2 570

Step 2. Choose a Nunn Design Brass Stamping or a classic button. Brass Stampings or discovered objects with a variety of aid make one of the best molds. For this tutorial, I used each a classic button and a plated brass stamping of a snowflake. Each of those molds can be found to buy or you’ll be able to create your personal molds by following steps 2-6.

IMG 0887 570

Step 3. Pinch off two equal-sized balls of Half A and B of the Simple Mould Silicone Putty. Getting the knack for mixing simply the correct quantity of putty will take some follow. You may combine an excessive amount of or too little putty the primary time. Strive your finest to guess how a lot putty you’ll need to have roughly 1/8” putty across the outdoors fringe of your bezel’s rim. Additionally, you will need the thickness of the silicone putty to be roughly 1/8.”

IMG 0890 570IMG 0905 570IMG 0915 570

Step 4. The Simple Mould Silicone Putty has a 3-minute working time earlier than it begins to harden and never take the impression. Knead each half A and half B collectively till the putty is mixed utterly and has a uniform colour.

IMG 0927 570IMG 0934 570IMG 0947 570

Step 5. Roll the totally combined Simple Mould Silicone Putty right into a spherical ball and flatten barely. Be sure the putty is clean and never wrinkled (the creases within the putty will present up within the mildew).

IMG 0956 570

I like to make use of the lid of the Simple Mould Silicone Putty to create a pleasant flat clean disk. Place the combined silicone ball onto a small plastic bag and press the lid evenly down into the putty.

IMG 0974 570

Take away the putty from the lid of the container and press the button or brass stamping into the silicone putty, however not to date into the putty that you just hit the underside. Go away the button or brass stamping within the putty for five minutes or till the putty is difficult to the contact.

IMG 0987 570IMG 0993 570

Step 6. As soon as the molding putty is difficult to the contact, bend the perimeters and take away the button.

IMG 1319 edited 570IMG 1340 crop2 570

Step 7. Here’s what it appears wish to create a mildew utilizing the brass stamping.

IMG 1006 2 570IMG 1014 570IMG 1028 570IMG 1047 570IMG 1059 570IMG 1429 570

Combine Epoxy Clay:

IMG 1136 crop 570

Step 8. Comply with the producer’s directions for the dealing with and mixing of the Epoxy Clay. Whereas sporting gloves, pinch off two equal-sized balls of Half A and Half B and mix collectively totally till the clay is now not marbled and uniform in colour.

IMG 1175 crop 570IMG 1186 crop 570

You could have roughly 90-120 minutes of working time earlier than the clay begins to harden, so take your time. As soon as the clay is totally combined, take away your gloves to make it simpler to work with the clay. For this tutorial, I combined a Whopper Malted Milk Ball dimension of each Half A and B of clay as a result of I needed to create a number of ornaments.

IMG 1208 crop 570

Apply Epoxy Clay into the Nunn Design Bezel:

Step 9. For every decoration I pinched off a big blueberry ball of clay.

IMG 1220 crop 570

Roll the totally combined Epoxy Clay between your palms till it kinds a clean spherical ball. I prefer it to be clean as a result of it prevents from having creases as soon as the impression is made.

IMG 1225 570

Press the ball into your bezel together with your fingers to create a good clean floor within the clay.

IMG 0836 570

TIP: It’s straightforward to get little fibers combined into the clay. Use a toothpick to take away them from the clay and pat the floor clean once more

Step 10. In the event you put an excessive amount of clay contained in the bezel it can squish out the perimeters and you’ll have extra clay to wash up. In the event you don’t put in sufficient, you won’t get impression within the clay from the mildew. Regardless, each are straightforward issues to repair, so it’d take a bit of experimenting to get it excellent. If the Epoxy Clay will not be flush with the sting of the bezel you’ll be able to add extra or pinch off extra.

IMG 0857 570

Tip: If filling the corners with Epoxy Clay is difficult on the sq. and rectangle-shaped bezels, use a toothpick to press the clay up into the corners of the bezel. Pat down the toothpick marked clay together with your fingers till clean.

Creating the Impression:

Step 11. Place the Epoxy Clay stuffed bezel face down onto the putty mildew and press down evenly. To verify I’ve a very good impression, I like to choose up the mildew and press the mildew into the clay, in addition to urgent the bezel down into the mildew.

IMG 1349 570IMG 1356 570IMG 1369 crop 570

In the event you don’t just like the impression that you just make, pat the impression within the Epoxy Clay together with your fingertips till you will have a clean floor as soon as once more and press down into the mildew once more.

IMG 1382 crop 570IMG 1399 570IMG 0876 570 IMG 0886 570 IMG 0896 570 IMG 0907 570

Step 12. Utilizing a wet-wipe, clear up any extra Epoxy Clay which may have been left on the bezel. The Epoxy Clay hardens like cement, so cleansing it up now and being tidy as you go makes the method simpler and the outcomes a lot nicer.

IMG 0927 570

When you’ve got indentations within the Epoxy Clay, use a Q-Tip to clean these out.

IMG 0920 570

TIP: I counsel letting the Epoxy Clay treatment for two hours or till agency to the contact earlier than putting on the colorized resin.

Here’s a visible displaying the approximate quantity of bezels you’ll be able to fill with 25g or 50g packages of Epoxy Clay, placing about 3.3g of Epoxy Clay in every bezel. The Grande Pendant Circle Single Loop (gpcs) has an internal diameter of 31.6mm and an internal depth of 2mm. The Grande Pendant Navette Single Loop has an internal dimension of 37 x 18 x 2mm. You possibly can weigh your Epoxy Clay with a scale like this.

howmanybezels crystalclay fills 570

The best way to Combine Nunn Design 2-Half Resin

reskit 570

Step 12.

Learn the resin directions for security considerations relating to the Nunn Design Resin. Put in your latex gloves and I might advocate security glasses.  I put on readers so I feel that my eyes are protected.  Be sure to have a pile of wet-wipes on the prepared!

Step 13. To combine the resin you’ll wish to have a precise one-to-one ratio. The one-to-one ratio needs to be one tablespoon of Half A primary and one tablespoon of Half B. This can be a quantity factor, not a weight factor. It’s important to combine the complete mixing cup of resin to have the resin correctly activate. I assumed this was an excuse to get me to make use of extra resin, however belief me, it isn’t! You will need to pour Half A primary into the cup after which Half B. It’s a chemical factor about half A being heavier or one thing.

Place one of many mixing cups included within the Nunn Design Resin Package onto your desk.
I counsel getting your eyes stage with the resin so you’ll be able to see the traces on the measuring cup. Take away the lid to Half A of your resin equipment and slowly pour the resin into the blending cup as much as the 1 Tablespoon mark. I counsel that you just go gradual till you begin to acquire extra confidence.  Once you begin to get close to the 1 Tablespoon line, tilt the Half A bottle down, slowing the circulate of the resin.  Slowly drizzle the resin into the cup till you will have hit the 1 Tablespoon mark EXACTLY! To finish the circulate of the resin, twist the bottle.  Use a wet-wipe to totally clear up resin from the sting of the bottle.  Be sure to place the Half A lid again onto the resin bottle.

I fold my wet-wipe over to verify I don’t contaminate Half B after I clear up the sting of that resin after I pour it. I’m additionally ensuring that I don’t get any of the resin onto my palms.Following all the identical steps used for Half A, pour Half B into the blending cup till it’s EXACTLY on the 2 Tablespoon mark. Clear up the sting of the resin bottle and securely twist the Half B cap again onto the resin.

pour nunn design resin 570

Step 14. Set your timer for two minutes. Utilizing the stir stick out of your Nunn Design Resin Package, slowly and thoroughly stir your resin scraping the underside of the cup and the sidewalls as you stir. Go slowly as a result of it’s straightforward for the cup to overflow.  I maintain the cup down on the base and use my fingers to assist rotate the cup round. Cease once in a while and scrape the resin from the perimeters of the stir stick and proceed to stir for the complete 2 minutes. In case your resin remains to be cloudy after your timer has gone off, proceed to combine till clear.

After mixing is full and your resin is obvious, scrape each side of your stir stick on the sting of your resin stuffed cup.

mixingresin still 570

One other behavior that I’ve developed is being conscious of the place I relaxation my stir sticks. To keep away from getting resin throughout my work floor, I wish to relaxation the resin stir sticks in one of many mixing cups or onto a small Ziploc. I can simply peel the resin off of the Ziploc and reuse it. I also can reuse my stir stick as soon as the resin has totally cured. I do know individuals who wipe out and reuse their mixing cups, however I haven’t completed that so I can’t advocate it.

Colorizing the Nunn Design Resin

FullSizeRender 12 570

Step 15. To create Pantone Colours, check out this chart, Pantone Shade Cheat Sheet, to discover ways to combine pigments to attain a wide range of colours. We’ve simply up to date the Cheat Sheet to incorporate our new 2020 Pantone colours, in addition to the earlier years!

For this tutorial, I colorized my resin with the formulation under utilizing Castin’ Crafts Opaque Pigments:

FullSizeRender 10 570
Pantone Shade-14-4620 TPG, Island Paradise

  • 1 tsp Nunn Design Resin
  • 1 tiny toothpick tip Blue
  • 1 tiny toothpick tip Yellow
  • 4 toothpick ideas White

FullSizeRender 11 570
Pantone 15-1247 TPX, Tangerine

  • 1 tsp Nunn Design Resin
  • 1 tiny toothpick tip Crimson
  • 1 toothpick tip White
  • 2 toothpick ideas Yellow

FullSizeRender 15 570
Pantone 16-3905 TCX, Lilac Grey:

  • 1 tsp Nunn Design Resin
  • 2 toothpick ideas Black
  • 1 tiny toothpick tip Black
  • 3 toothpick ideas White
  • 1 tiny toothpick tip Blue
  • 1 tiny toothpick tip Crimson

Step 16. To colorize the resin, place one other empty resin mixing cup onto your work space.

IMG 5280 570

Pour the clear, combined resin into the cup, filling it to the 1 TSP mark.

IMG 5282 570 1

The Castin’ Craft Opaque Pigments are very potent. Let’s outline what a “tiny toothpick tip” and a “toothpick tip” quantity of colorant ought to seem like. This isn’t a precise science. In the event you don’t get the precise quantity, your colour will nonetheless come out pretty shut.

IMG 5275 570
A “tiny toothpick tip” ought to seem like this.

IMG 5273 570
A “toothpick tip” ought to seem like this.

Add within the colorants based on the colour formulation after which stir gently till the colorants are totally combined collectively. Let resin sit for five minutes to let the bubbles rise to the floor and pop.
Tip: Ensure that the colorant doesn’t equal greater than 10% of your resin as having greater than 10% might trigger points with curing.

Making use of the Colorized Resin

FullSizeRender 6 570

Step 17. I are likely to work in a small space (sometimes my kitchen desk), so I wish to work on a floor that tasks might be simply moved round and never disturbed. Place some enterprise playing cards or some heavy card inventory onto your work floor, making it straightforward to maneuver the pendants with out getting any resin in your fingers.

IMG 0949 570

TIP: I might advocate overlaying the cardboard with shiny packing tape. This can forestall the resin from sticking to the paper.

Step 18. Drizzle a small quantity of colorized resin onto the floor of your cured and agency to the contact Epoxy Clay impression.

FullSizeRender 7 570

Utilizing a stir stick or toothpick drag the resin over to the facet edges. You too can use the stir follow take away extra resin.

FullSizeRender 8 570

Step 19. Use a wet-wipe to take away the colorized resin for the excessive factors of the impression. Clear off any resin that is perhaps on the perimeters of the bezel.

FullSizeRender 9 570FullSizeRender 13 570 FullSizeRender 6 570FullSizeRender 14 570FullSizeRender 1 570

Step 20. If you want so as to add extra colorized resin in areas that want it, use a toothpick to use and transfer the resin round.

FullSizeRender 2 570

Step 21. Let the resin treatment for 12-14 hours. Will probably be onerous to the contact, however resin continues to treatment for the following 72 hours. Place a small plastic container over the bezels to stop mud from entering into the resin because it cures.

FullSizeRender 5 570

Step 22. When you’ve got resin that has over-poured or seeped below the bezel and onto the cardboard, wait about 6 hours till the resin is at its “comfortable treatment” section. Take away the bezel from the cardboard. The resin will nonetheless be comfortable. Use a pair of needle-nose pliers to bend again the resin from the bezel. The resin will simply separate and peel off of the bezel.

Design Choice:

Step 23. For a design possibility on a few the items, I added clear resin excessive of the cured colorized resin coat to offer it with a excessive gloss look.

IMG 2528 570 IMG 2539 570
DSC 3291 570DSC 3289 horiz 570

Assembling the Decoration

Nunn Design DIY ornament

Step 24. Use two pair of needle-nose pliers to open up one of many Massive Jumprings.

IMG 1884 570

Step 25. Thread the Decoration Hook and the cured Vacation Decoration onto the open Massive Jumprings.

IMG 1896 570

Use the 2 pair of needle-nose pliers to shut the big jumpring.

IMG 1911 570 IMG 1916 570

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