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Kai Greene’s High 5 Workout routines






Construct Larger Arms: Kai Greene’s High 5 Workout routines

By Kai Greene


1. Overhand/Reverse Preacher Curls. I’m positive most of you’ve got executed normal preacher curls, and a few of you’ve got additionally executed reverse curls, however I guess most of you’ve got by no means tried this motion that mixes them each. I take advantage of an EZ-curl bar with my palms spaced on the downward sloping angles of the cambered bar, which for many is roughly shoulder width. This train hits the brachialis muscle that lies between the lengthy head of the biceps and lateral head of the triceps, in addition to the group of forearm muscular tissues often known as the extensors. It’s just like standing reverse barbell curls or dumbbell hammer curls, however the preacher bench locks you in place with the arms braced so dishonest is unimaginable. It forces strict type and isolation of these often-neglected muscular tissues that may add a complete new dimension to your arm improvement when totally developed.

2. Shut-Grip Preacher Curls. This is likely one of the handiest methods to hit the quick head of the biceps. That is the a part of the biceps most individuals affiliate with the muscle itself, as a result of it’s the biceps head you see from the entrance at any time when anybody hits an arm pose just like the entrance double biceps, or perhaps a single biceps pose. The golden rule to observe with biceps coaching is {that a} nearer grip on a bar will goal extra of the quick head, whereas a wider hand spacing on the bar works extra of the lengthy head, which is displayed greatest within the rear double biceps pose. Once more I want the preacher bench as a result of it forces you to isolate the muscle. One at all times must be aware in any free-standing model of curls to not interact different muscle teams just like the shoulders, and even the decrease again if you happen to swing an excessive amount of.

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3. Seated Overhead Triceps Extensions. Now we transfer on to triceps. Many people think about the lateral head, the a part of the triceps displayed within the well-known facet triceps pose, to be a very powerful for total dimension and improvement of the muscle. In actuality, it’s the lengthy head that originates below your rear deltoid, that’s answerable for the majority of triceps actual property. And enjoyable reality, it will possibly solely be totally stimulated with the arms in an overhead place so the motion begins from a full stretch. My go-to train to focus on the lengthy head of the triceps is seated overhead extensions utilizing an EZ-curl bar and a more in-depth grip. I wish to lean again considerably to offer a greater stretch, and I discover that utilizing the angled facet of the preacher curl bench as my again help offers me the proper angle of connect.

4. Bench Dips. The commonest solution to carry out dips is utilizing parallel bars. These are a spectacular compound motion as a result of in addition they closely contain the pectoral muscular tissues, notably if you happen to make use of a ahead torso lean. If as an alternative your intent is to higher isolate your triceps, the higher choice is bench dips, executed along with your physique suspended between two benches. Your legs are out straight in entrance of you along with your ft on one bench, and your palms are behind you, knuckles ahead and palms down as you push from the heels of your palms. In case your body weight isn’t adequate resistance, you possibly can put plates in your lap.

5. Straight-Bar Barbell Curls. Final however not least is probably the most fundamental and beloved biceps train of all time and one you’ve in all probability executed lots of of units of, the barbell curl with a straight bar. For this train, I like to consider addressing my total biceps, each heads. I hold my elbows in a impartial place and don’t allow them to drift away from my physique as I curl. Attempt to think about your elbows are bolted to your sides! Do your greatest to maintain your type strict and actually squeeze the biceps on the prime of every rep. As for “dishonest,” there undoubtedly is a time and a spot for it. It’s best to use “cheat reps” to make the set tougher, not simpler. One of the best ways to perform that’s to do most of your reps in strict type till you possibly can’t get any extra, then loosen up your type a bit to eke out a pair extra reps and drive the biceps deeper into exhaustion.

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Me within the Masters Mr. Olympia?


Hey Kai, when the Masters Mr. Olympia was introduced to happen this August in Romania, you had been the very first individual I considered! I actually imagine it’s best to have beat Phil at the very least a type of three years in a row you had been runner-up and that it’s best to have a Mr. Olympia title. Are you fascinated with getting into? I feel you look precisely the identical now as you probably did then, and you’d dominate!


You by no means know! I’ve continued to coach exhausting and eat proper every single day and sure, I do keep in fairly good condition for somebody who hasn’t competed in practically seven years. I wouldn’t say I look precisely the identical as after I was competing, however there’s so much to be stated about what may be executed whenever you’re working with a particular objective in thoughts and also you imagine you possibly can obtain that objective. That’s all I can say for now concerning the 2023 Masters Mr. Olympia!


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