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Meet the Salt & Pepper Diamond Coloration Chart


What are salt & pepper diamonds?

Salt and pepper diamonds are pure, earth mined diamonds that merely have the next variety of inclusions which are seen to the bare eye. None of our salt & pepper diamonds have been handled, simply fashioned for thousands and thousands of years by Mom Nature to be completely imperfect!

Why are there so many alternative variations? 

Since all diamonds are made out of carbon, the black spots are items of carbon that didn’t absolutely crystallize throughout the diamond’s formation. Salt and pepper diamonds simply have a larger quantity of them! As a result of Mom Nature is so unpredicable, some diamonds have a lightweight speckaling, and others have A LOT! Take the wonder mark diamonds for instance, they have a tendency to have a bigger than common carbon spot surrounded by smaller inclusions. Others have an equal quantity of white and black inclusions giving a extra blanket gray hue, and we particularly love those with principally white inclusions that seem like ice!




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