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Methods to Create a Responsive E-mail Format — Stripo.electronic mail

Responsive electronic mail design comes as no shock immediately, as everyone knows that mobile-friendliness, aka cell optimization, is now not simply good to have, it’s a should. And all of us persist with this golden rule — be certain that your emails are cell optimized.

However do you know that responsive design goes approach past the “match to cell display” choice? You may apply font sizes to headings, to common copy, to buttons, and so forth. that differ from the desktop model of your electronic mail. It’s also possible to work on inner paddings inside containers, and conceal/disable sure components on cell gadgets. 

How to try this with no coding expertise — we are going to present under.

1. ​​Hiding/enabling electronic mail components on desktop and cell gadgets

Stripo permits you to conceal some components on cell gadgets, and on the similar time conceal different components on desktop gadgets. Which means that you select which components might be proven on cell gadgets, and which of them might be proven on desktop gadgets solely.

There are numerous explanation why you would possibly want this feature. For instance, to cover some menu tabs on cell gadgets to keep away from horizontal scrolling, which could seem in case you apply a big font measurement to the textual content. Or to cover a vertical spacer in case you used it to visually divide components which can be positioned in a single row.

Methods to do it with Stripo:

  • click on the component you wish to present/conceal for cell gadgets;

  • within the Settings panel, you discover the “Cover component” choice;

  • click on the “Cell” or “Desktop” icon.

Responsive Email Layout_Hiding and Enabling Elements on Mobile Devices

Simply to indicate you the way it works, we constructed an electronic mail with spacers in between pictures on desktop gadgets and disabled them for cell gadgets.

How to Create a Responsive Email Layout_Desktop Version_with Spacers

(Desktop model, with spacers)

How to Create a Responsive Email Layout_Mobile Version_without Spacers

(Cell model, w/o spacers)

Optimize texts in your emails to make them absolutely legible throughout all gadgets

Get began

2. Design types for electronic mail copy

To make your electronic mail texts absolutely legible on any system, you would possibly wish to apply a font measurement to any piece of your copy that’s bigger or smaller than the identical one on a desktop.

You are able to do it within the “Cell Formatting” tab.

Responsive Email Design_Setting Mobile Styles with Stripo_No Code

Within the “Cell Formatting” tab, you may apply font measurement to:

  • header copy;

  • content material copy;

  • footer copy;

  • data space copy;

  • menu tabs;

  • headings 1-3.

For the latter, you may as well select a obligatory textual content alignment: Proper, middle, or left.

Mobile Optimized Emails_Working on Headings Styles

All these types will solely be utilized to the cell model of your electronic mail, and gained’t have an effect on the design types you’ve set within the “Common Settings” part, within the “Look” tab for the desktop model.

Simply to indicate you the way it works, we constructed a brief electronic mail with a menu and a heading in it.

Desktop_Menu Font Size Is 12 Pixels

(Desktop, menu 14 px, heading 64 px)

Mobile_Menu Font Size and Headings

(Cell, menu 18 px, heading 36 px)

3. Design types for CTA buttons

There’s no must say that CTA buttons are the important thing component in all emails as they permit customers to take obligatory motion, direct them to our web site, and so forth. It means we have to make them noticeable and easy-to-click.

Within the “Cell Formatting” tab, you may:

Mobile Optimized Emails_Button Width

By doing this, you guarantee your buttons are noticeable and clickable on cell gadgets.

Simply to indicate you the way it works, we constructed a brief electronic mail with a CTA button.

Responsive Email Design_Buttons on Desktops

(Desktop, button font measurement 18 px)

Mobile Optimized Emails_Full-Width Button

(Cell, button font measurement 22 px)

For those who allow the “Full-width buttons” choice, you may as well set its prime and backside paddings, aka inner area between the border of the button and the textual content inside it.


Presently, our dev staff is engaged on the New model of the editor. The New Stripo will can help you work on a design of a obligatory model of your electronic mail — desktop, or cell. To take action, you simply swap to the mandatory mode and ideal your electronic mail.

Give a attempt to the brand new model of the Stripo electronic mail editor now

Check out

4. Ingredient alignments

Some components would possibly look good on desktop gadgets when center-aligned, however look unhealthy on cell gadgets. So that you would possibly wish to set totally different alignments for sure components on cell and desktop gadgets.

Methods to do it with Stripo:

Please be suggested that this feature works for electronic mail components like texts, buttons, movies, and pictures*. And by no means for complete containers, constructions, and stripes.

  • click on a obligatory electronic mail component in your template;

  • within the Settings panel, you will notice the “Cell” icon;

Responsive Email Layout_Setting Alignment for Mobile Devices

* The alignment choice works just for these movies and pictures when there’s some area within the container left, like inner paddings. If the picture or the video takes all the container, the alignment choice is not going to be lively. 

Simply to indicate you the way it works, we center-aligned photos for desktop and left-aligned them for mobiles.

Center Aligned Images on Desktop Devices_How to Build a Responsive Email

(Desktop, center-aligned photos)

Left Aligned Images on Mobile Devices

(Cell, left-aligned photos)

5. Paddings 

Typically you wish to make your electronic mail design “clear” with numerous white area. Typically you utilize paddings for containers and constructions/rows to fill them in with a coloration background. This all seems good on desktop gadgets, however on cell gadgets it simply makes these components look smaller, or might just a bit bit worsen the way in which your electronic mail seems. 

So you might wish to do away with them for cell gadgets.

Please be suggested that paddings work for containers and constructions.

Methods to do it with Stripo:

  • click on a obligatory component in your electronic mail template;

  • within the Settings panel, discover the “Cell” icon;

  • click on on it to activate the settings for mobiles;

Setting Paddings for Mobile Devices


For those who want equal paddings for all 4 sides across the component contained in the construction, simply set it as soon as right here:

Paddings for Mobiles_One Value for All Sides

And this worth might be utilized to all 4 sides of the component.

If you have to set totally different values for both sides, please click on the “Extra” button.

Setting Different Padding Values for Mobile Devices

Simply to indicate you the way it works, we set paddings for the desktop model of our electronic mail and set none for the cell one.

Paddings Between Elements on Mobile Devices

(Desktop, paddings between two photos in a row and in between rows)

Setting Paddings for Mobile Devices_Zero Value

(Cell, zero paddings)

6. Inversion of electronic mail components for cell gadgets

Very often you may even see the next order of product playing cards in emails. 

Responsive Email Design_Email Elements Order on Desktop

Usually, electronic mail entrepreneurs use it to diversify their promo emails.

On desktop gadgets, these product playing cards look simply wonderful. However on cell screens, they won’t look good and will be even considerably complicated because the component that’s situated on the left on desktop gadgets, on cell screens will go above the component that’s situated on the precise on desktops. This manner recipients might even see two product descriptions in a row, as a substitute of a extra logical order — product snippet, description, CTA button, product snippet, and so forth.

Right here, you have to inverse the container order for each second row.

Methods to do it with Stripo:

The Structure Icon

The Containers Inversion Button

That’s it.

Simply to indicate you the way it works, we enabled the “Inversion” choice for one electronic mail and disabled it for the opposite.

The Containers Inversion Option OFF

(Cell, the Inversion choice off)

The Inversion Option On_Mobile Friendly Email Design

(Cell, the Inversion choice on)

This picture illustrates that the outline goes after the product snippet for all playing cards — the order we supposed to see.

7. Responsive photos

When designing responsive HTML electronic mail, the best perform you may ever use is “Responsive picture”

Having turned this feature on, you’ll shield your self from pointless horizontal scrolling and large logos. 

Methods to do it with Stripo:

Please be suggested that this feature is all the time ON by default. So, in case you simply need your picture to suit to the cell display width, you don’t do something. Otherwise you would possibly wish to simply test if it’s actually on. After all, it’s 😉 

Responsive Image_Option is ON

For those who want your picture, like brand or icon, to remain small on cell screens, you would possibly wish to disable this feature.

Disabling the Responsive Image Option for Mobile Devices

Simply to indicate you the way it works, we enabled and disabled the “Responsive picture” choice for a similar electronic mail brand.

Responsive Image Option OFF_Mobile Design

(The “Responsive picture” choice ON)

Responsive Image Option ON_Mobile Friendly Design

(The “Responsive picture” choice OFF)

8. ​​Enabling/disabling responsive electronic mail design

All of the electronic mail templates that Stripo presents are absolutely responsive by default.

However you may disable this property for a sure electronic mail template of yours. We truly launched this feature upon customers’ requests. 

For those who flip this feature off, your electronic mail on cell gadgets will look similar to it does on desktop gadgets. There would possibly or may not be horizontal scrolling, and for certain if there are three containers per row in a desktop model of your electronic mail, customers will see an identical quantity of them on cell gadgets.

Methods to do it with Stripo:

Please be suggested that by default this property is all the time ON.

  • within the Settings panel, go to the “Common Settings” tab;

  • toggle the “Responsive design” button to disable this property.

The Responsive Design Option

Simply to indicate you the way it works, we enabled and disabled the “Responsive design” choice for a similar electronic mail.

The Responsive Design Option OFF_Creating Mobile Optimized Email

(Cell, the “Responsive design” choice OFF)

Responsive Design_Option ON_Stripo

(Cell, the “Responsive picture” choice ON)

Closing ideas

As you may see, it doesn’t require any coding expertise to construct a very responsive HTML electronic mail. Expertise yourselves and let your shoppers expertise the brand new period of cell electronic mail design.

Construct mobile-optimized emails to your future campaigns 



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