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Pranayama for Being pregnant: Is It Protected, and 4 Respiratory Workout routines to Attempt

dirgha pranayama in pregnancy
Pregnant girls working towards dirgha pranayama. Picture Supply: Shutterstock

It’s with little doubt that being pregnant is taken into account to be an exquisite part in a lady’s life. It brings alongside the enjoyment and happiness of bringing your youngster into the world. However the 9 months of ache, breathlessness, swelling, whacky weight loss plan, and a great deal of hormonal fluctuations.

Practising pranayama from the early levels of being pregnant may help throughout labor and childbirth as properly.

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On this article, we’ll talk about how pranayama may help you in your being pregnant, its advantages, and a few efficient pranayama you possibly can observe throughout being pregnant.

How does pranayama assist throughout being pregnant?

In search of snug and deep respiratory methods throughout being pregnant will be troublesome. A pregnant girl’s stomach grows bigger as her being pregnant progresses, taking on extra room in her stomach. Pregnant girls might really feel uncomfortable because of this.

The observe of Pranayama throughout being pregnant trains you to breathe the right means. It encourages deep respiratory, which inspires correct consumption of oxygen and flushing out carbon dioxide. This in flip energizes the thoughts and physique in addition to promoted detoxing.

Pranayama additionally helps in creating house in your physique to accommodate inside modifications occurring within the stage of being pregnant. By sitting tall and straight for pranayama, you encourage spinal lengthening, which will get affected as a result of heavy and protruding stomach. It offers you the possibility to let your backbone fall again to its pure form.

It’s mentioned that the placenta is just not utterly fashioned till the thirteenth week of being pregnant. One of many main capabilities of the placenta is to assist the fetus breathe, which is why additionally it is referred to as fetal lungs. Thus, the breath {that a} mom breathes is shared by the child as properly. Pranayama respiratory methods assist in offering ample oxygen provide to the fetus through the early levels of being pregnant.

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Advantages of pranayama for Being pregnant

thunderbolt pose pregnancy
Picture: Canva

Pranayama workouts provide you with extra management over your respiratory throughout being pregnant which assists in controlling your feelings as properly. It’s an effective way to handle the frequent modifications in hormones that usually result in stress and nervousness. It should additionally assist in maintaining you calm and foster a connection together with your fetus.

Right here we’ve defined some main advantages of pranayama for being pregnant:

1. Improves respiratory capability and oxygen stream 

As a result of alteration within the capability of the belly cavity and the constrained motion of the diaphragm, shortness of breath is continuously skilled throughout being pregnant. By growing respiratory capability, pranayama helps the lungs operate extra successfully.

The oxygen ranges rise while you breathe deeply and totally, permitting for the cardio metabolism required for the physique cells to be nourished and cleansed. Because of this, each organ in each you and your child’s physique get extra oxygen and vitality, additional enhancing total wellness

The diaphragm’s improved motion by pranayama observe helps with digestion, which is crucial for the event of the fetus and the absorption of vitamins.

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2. Retains you calm and peaceable

Deep respiratory slows down the heartbeat, telling the mind to change on the rest-and-digest mode. This in flip soothes the nervous system, which promotes a extra tranquil and relaxed way of thinking. 

A 2013 research revealed its discovering on the effectiveness of yoga practices stating that pranayama observe, amongst others, was profitable in curbing nervousness, despair, and pregnancy-related uncomfortable experiences.

The physique can solely unwind and sleep when the thoughts is at peace. It assists in overcoming fatigue and regaining vitality making your life extra balanced on each the emotional and psychological ranges.

A peaceable way of thinking can reduce postpartum difficulties for the pregnant youngster, and improve obstetric and developmental outcomes. A research revealed in 2018 concluded that even when pranayama is practiced for six weeks, it will probably considerably lower cortisol ranges (stress hormone) and blood strain.

Pranayama observe might scale back stress-induced risks, reminiscent of hypertension, intrauterine development restriction, preterm delivery, placental abruption, low delivery weight, and stillbirth. 

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3. Help in forging a connection together with your child

A connection between you and your unborn youngster will be solid by means of pranayama. With every breath you’re taking throughout pranayama, your thoughts and feelings are calmed and cleared. By making house, you might interact together with your mom intuition and expertise what’s going on in your physique, which can information you in the correct route.

Another advantages of pranayama throughout being pregnant are:

  • Help in getting ready for childbirth 
  • Regulates hormonal fluctuations
  • Overcomes emotional and psychological boundaries
  • Reduces the danger of cardiovascular sickness by controlling blood strain
  • Encourages a transparent and attentive thoughts, which lessens temper fluctuations
  • Helps to reduce nervousness, pressure, despair, and irritability
  • Will increase psychological focus
  • Will increase vitality, stamina, and immunity

4 pranayama being pregnant respiratory workouts

As these pranayamas are being practised throughout being pregnant, you need to search skilled consent and recommendation earlier than continuing with residence observe. It’s advisable that you just first be taught the right method from an skilled prenatal yoga instructor.

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In case you’re not used to or beginning pranayama for the primary time, you need to NOT do pranayama through the 1st trimester as there’s a excessive threat of miscarriage throughout this time. From the second or third trimester, after about 14 weeks, begin the pranayama observe by doing it for no less than 2-3 minutes. 

As with most yoga practices, you shouldn’t do pranayama instantly after a meal. The greatest time to observe yoga and pranayama is about three or 4 hours after the principle meal or a few hours after a light-weight meal or snack.

Listed below are 4 straightforward and efficient pranayama that may be practised throughout being pregnant.

1. Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Respiratory)

Nadi Shodhana Pranayama (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
Supply: Fitsri

Nadi shodhan pranayama is among the handiest and simple respiratory methods one can do safely throughout being pregnant. It reduces destructive feelings reminiscent of anger, unhappiness, irritation, stress, and nervousness that will come up attributable to hormonal imbalance through the being pregnant stage. It calms your nervous system which can provide help to get a peaceable evening’s sleep. A peaceful nervous system additionally retains you relaxed in aggravating conditions.

This pranayama additionally will increase the oxygen provide within the physique which leads to a greater oxygen provide to the child. As an additional advantage, it additionally aids in detoxing.

By alternating the nostrils, the left and proper hemisphere of the mind will get balanced. Because of this your hormonal secretion additionally will get balanced.

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Steps to carry out

  • Sit in a snug pranayama posture maintaining your again as straight as attainable. Keep in mind, that as your being pregnant progresses your posture might should be modified to offer most consolation and security. You should use a cushion, folded blanket, or sit on a chair if sitting on the ground is uncomfortable for you.
  • Place your left hand in your thigh in Gyan mudra. Deliver your proper hand in entrance of your face and make Vishnu mudra
  • Place the thumb on the correct nostril and fold the index and center fingers. The ring and little finger shall be positioned subsequent to the left nostril. The thumb, ring, and little finger will act as lids to open and shut the nostrils.
  • Stabilize your breath by respiratory usually for a couple of seconds. Shut your left nostril together with your ring finger and breathe in from the correct nostril. 
  • Open the left nostril and breathe out utterly.
  • Preserving the left nostril open, inhale whereas maintaining the correct nostril closed by the thumb. Shut the left nostril with the ring finger and totally exhale from the correct nostril by releasing the thumb.
  • Observe not less than 2-3 rounds.


  • Shortness of breath is a warning that you’re utilizing your breath above its pure limits. In case you begin to really feel queasy, lightheaded, or dizzy, cease the observe straight away.
  • The pranayama shouldn’t be carried out by individuals who have a mouth, nostril, throat, or lung an infection of any form.

2. Ujjayi Pranayama (Victorious or Warriors Breath)

ujjayi breathing
Picture: Fitsri

Ujjayi pranayama encourages physique cleaning, enhances psychological acuity, and permits prana (or important life drive) to stream freely. It boosts vitality and self-awareness. You possibly can particularly observe this pranayama throughout winter because it will increase inside physique warmth.

Ujjayi pranayama in prenatal yoga observe helps you domesticate breath consciousness which helps in preparation for simple supply. On this pranayama, you absorb air slowly by means of your nostril, filling your lungs fully, and exhaling utterly. As you breathe out and in you will have to create a tender regular ‘hissing’ sound. It provides you with the boldness and peace of thoughts to method supply with ease.

Steps to carry out

  • Sit in a snug meditative place with a straight again (as a lot as you possibly can straighten throughout being pregnant).
  • Inhale by means of the nostril whereas constricting your throat as a way to really feel the air because it goes in.
  • Your inhaling ought to make a dashing noise as for those who have been loud night breathing.
  • Exhaling, maintaining your throat constricted. 
  • As soon as you’ll be able to set a rhythm, inhale together with your nostril and exhale together with your mouth open. The throat stays constricted always. 
  • Repeat the method for 5-10 rounds and end by taking deep breaths for 1-2 minutes.


  • Don’t overdo this pranayama as it will probably pose pointless stress on the respiratory and cardiac methods.
  • Observe ujjayi carefully through the summer season season because it generates inside warmth. Extra warmth will be dangerous to your being pregnant. 
  • If you have already got problems in your being pregnant, don’t observe this pranayama.
  • When you’ve got coronary heart illness or migraines, keep away from practising until you get an all-clear from a certified yoga teacher.
  • Keep away from Ujjayi respiratory for those who expertise persistent fatigue and lightheadedness.

3. Bhramari Pranayama (Buzzing Bee Breath)

bhramari pranayama also known as humming bee breath
Picture: Fitsri

Bhramari pranayama is commonly suggested to calm the thoughts whereas maintaining it alert. It additionally regulates blood strain, which is essential throughout being pregnant as extreme fluctuations in blood strain can hurt the mom and fetus.

Situations like pre-eclampsia, a doubtlessly dangerous being pregnant situation that’s characterised by elevated blood strain, protein within the urine, limb swelling, and water retention, may also be considerably decreased by means of this pranayama. A paper revealed in 2013 efficiently famous that bhramari pranayama can be utilized as a preventive methodology to keep away from the above situation.

The buzzing sound of this pranayama positively impacts the nervous system. It prompts the parasympathetic nervous system which decreased coronary heart charge, stress, and nervousness to calm the thoughts. This additional results in getting an evening of excellent high quality sleep. 

Furthermore, issues like complications may also be alleviated by bhramari pranayama.

Steps to carry out

  • In a quiet place, sit on a cushioned floor in a meditative place of your selection.
  • Maintain your again comfortably straight and your head aligned with the backbone.
  • Place your index fingers on the protruding cartilage on the surface of the ear, or tragus, to partially shut the ear. The remainder of the fingers will be folded contained in the palm. 
  • Inhale by means of the nostril.
  • Barely tuck in your chin (jalandhara bandha), shut your ears by pushing the cartilage inwards, and exhale whereas making a ‘hmmmmm’ sound behind your throat.
  • Repeat the method 5-7 instances.

After ending the pranayama, take the time on your breath to return to regular whereas observing the results.


  • Carry out this pranayama solely below the strict steerage of a instructor.
  • If you have already got hypertension, it’s higher to keep away from this pranayama.
  • In case of extreme ear infections or respiratory issues, don’t carry out this pranayama.
  • The finger shouldn’t be inserted contained in the ear. Don’t apply extreme strain on the tragus whereas closing the ear.

4. Sitali Pranayama (Cooling Breath)

sitali or sheetali pranayama
Pranayama for Being pregnant: Is It Protected, and 4 Respiratory Workout routines to Attempt 27

Sitali pranayama has a cooling impact in your physique and psyche. This pranayama is extraordinarily efficient in lowering acid reflux disease and heartburn which is a typical complaints amongst pregnant girls. Throughout summers, sitali pranayama helps in cooling down the physique temperature. Cooling the physique temperature can also be useful throughout a fever.

The cooling breath is essential in activating the parasympathetic nervous system, thereby lowering stress and nervousness, regulating blood strain, and inspiring a relaxed and serene thoughts and temper.

Steps to carry out

  • Sit comfortably together with your backbone straight and your neck in line. Moreover, sitting on a chair can also be appropriate.
  • To regular your respiratory, inhale deeply 2-3 instances together with your mouth open and exhale by means of your nostril.
  • Kind an ‘O’ form in your mouth as for those who have been holding a straw.
  • Your tongue ought to be barely protruded out of your mouth and curled on the sides. It might additionally stay flat in case you are unable to roll it.
  • Take a deep breath in as if you have been sucking by means of a straw, letting the cool air go by means of your tongue and throat.
  • Slowly breathe out by means of your nostril, together with your tongue inside and mouth closed, to launch the heated air.
  • Observe this pranayama for 2-3 minutes.


  • Sitali Pranayama shouldn’t be practiced within the winter or in actually chilly circumstances as a result of it could trigger respiratory points in your lungs.
  • Keep away from doing it when you’ve got bronchial asthma, a cough, a chilly, or congestion as a result of it’ll make your situation worse.

Which pranayama ought to be averted throughout being pregnant?

It isn’t advisable to do pranayama which includes rigorous respiratory and generates warmth inside the physique. Keep away from pranayama reminiscent of kapalbhati, bhastrika, surya bhedi, and so on. as they contain in depth belly actions and require you to retain your breath. You would possibly develop into weak, nauseous, and dizzy from them. That is particularly essential when you’ve got bronchial asthma, coronary heart illness, shortness of breath, or every other situation.

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Steadily Requested Questions

Q. Can I do pranayama throughout being pregnant?

A. Yoga specialists recommend that pregnant women can do pranayama for his or her child’s and self’s total well-being. Pranayama observe from the 2nd trimester or the 14th week is taken into account to be the very best time. It’s ideally instructed that pregnant girls mustn’t observe any type of train, be it yoga, pranayama, and even gentle exercise through the 1st trimester.

Q. Is pranayama secure for being pregnant?

A. Sure, Pranayama is among the most secure strategies that can assist you in your being pregnant journey. You can begin working towards pranayama from the second or third trimester in order that by the point you’re prepared to offer delivery, you may have already realized to handle your feelings, ideas, and bodily modifications.

Q. Is Kapalabhati good for being pregnant?

A. You would possibly hear assorted opinions on this. Nevertheless, the overall consensus is that Kapalabhati ought to be averted throughout being pregnant. It’s because kapalabhati includes in depth and vigorous abdomen actions for forceful breaths and in addition generated inside warmth shortly.

Q. Does holding my breath have an effect on my child?

A. Breath retention in pranayama, in any type and for any time interval, ought to be explicitly averted. This is not going to solely make you’re feeling lightheaded however can even limit the oxygen provide to the fetus. Much less oxygen provide can result in bodily and psychological underdevelopment of the fetus.



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