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Tales From A Industrial Diver

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My story with watches and, subsequently, diving began innocently sufficient. Impressed by my watch-collecting father, I toed the waters of the burgeoning web watch discussion board scene of the early 2000s. As many more recent, youthful fanatics will do, I gravitated towards the versatile sport utility provided by the dive watch, enamored with the concept of the watch being engineered to a level of ruggedness and sturdiness stout sufficient for “skilled” divers, no matter that meant. With a purpose to higher perceive the watches, I discovered about Jacques Cousteau’s adventures, the US Navy SEALAB trials of the Sixties, the watches traditionally utilized by elite army models, and the genesis of the helium launch valve, with its particular business diving use case. However what the hell, I bear in mind pondering, is a business diver? And with my worldview being primarily based at the moment round a middle-class Midwestern upbringing, devoid of any saltwater, what was with all this nautical enterprise, basically?



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