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The April Birthstone – All the pieces You Want To Know (2023)

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Diamonds are properly often called the celebratory gemstone for engagements, weddings and anniversaries, however anybody with an April birthday has one more reason to get pleasure from diamonds – these gems are their official birthstone. Diamond engagement rings will be the most acquainted, well-known and well-studied kind of gem, however how a lot do you actually learn about this April birthstone?


On this information, we’ll clarify the next:

  • What are diamonds?
  • Diamond formation
  • How previous are diamonds?
  • Are diamonds uncommon?
  • Battle free diamonds
  • Diamond that means
  • Mystical symbolism
  • Engagement rings
  • Diamond jewellery
  • Diamonds immediately
  • Different April birthstones

What are Diamonds?

Diamonds are a strong type of elemental carbon, with a novel diamond cubic crystal construction that imparts nice energy and hardness to the stone. This crystal construction was first found in these gems, therefore sharing the title “diamond” each for the construction in addition to the gemstone. Not solely does the association of the carbon atoms within the crystal lattice give the construction nice resistance to compression forces, however the covalent bonds holding the atoms into formation additionally improve its energy. In truth, diamond is the toughest naturally occurring substance on the planet.


•  Diamond Formation

Whereas the crystalline construction of carbon is of course colorless, diamonds truly are available in a vary of various hues on account of inclusions and impurities of their formation, in addition to publicity to radiation that may change the stone’s coloration. Extremely fascinating colours for diamonds embrace good shades of yellow, pink, pink, blue, inexperienced, black and brown, and stronger, extra deeply saturated hues are the rarest and Most worthy. Synthetic therapies may also be used to create deep colours, however artificially handled stones aren’t as worthwhile as those who happen naturally.


•  How Outdated Are Diamonds?

All pure diamonds are believed to be 1-3.5 billion years previous, and have been shaped deep beneath the earth’s floor beneath circumstances of nice warmth and strain. Ultimately, the stones have been carried to the floor by way of magma actions and volcanic eruptions, and immediately diamonds could be mined in lots of locations all over the world. Whereas the very first diamonds have been found in India, mines immediately could be present in Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia, Brazil and the US. Africa additionally has a variety of top quality diamond mines, and the gems are produced in Botswana, South Africa, Namibia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Angola, Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


•  Are Diamonds Uncommon?

Regardless of the widespread areas of diamond mines, it should be famous that solely about 20 p.c of mined diamonds are thought-about gem-quality and may very well be used for jewellery, so these stones are nonetheless fairly uncommon. Nearly all of diamonds have industrial makes use of, together with variations for slicing, sharpening and engraving instruments as properly as semiconductor use.


•  Battle Free Diamonds

Due to civil unrest in lots of diamond-producing nations, anybody fascinated about diamonds, significantly of gem high quality, should take nice care to make sure their stones are conflict-free and ethically sourced. Utilizing solely classic and vintage stones is a good way to do that, as these stones have been initially mined lengthy earlier than trendy conflicts created a commerce for unethical blood diamonds.

•  Diamond Which means

Diamonds are the final image of love and romance, however not simply any kind of affection. Due to the stone’s energy and purity, it extra appropriately symbolizes a deep, eternal soul mate dedication, and can be related to different romantic, real love qualities akin to honesty, purity and innocence. These gems additionally continuously characterize energy, braveness and victory, in addition to peace and endurance – all traits that may be fascinating in a wedding or long-term dedication.


•  Mystical Symbolism

Diamonds are believed to have totally different mystical properties, akin to serving to improve readability and eyesight. Folklore attributes totally different medicinal qualities to diamonds as properly, akin to curing coronary heart issues, lessening melancholy, lowering fatigue and strengthening the immune system. Not solely are diamonds related to engagements and weddings, however they’re additionally the official gemstone of the sixtieth wedding ceremony anniversary, additionally referred to as the “diamond jubilee” anniversary.


•  Engagement Rings

Diamonds have been utilized in adornments for 1000’s of years, although lower diamonds in jewellery are far more current (solely since about 1000 AD). In India, the primary diamonds have been a part of spiritual icons, however the stones have additionally been used for warriors and troopers hoping to realize the safety of the gem’s energy. Within the Center Ages, diamonds have been thought-about a masculine gem due to their affiliation with invincibility and bravado, and it was thought-about inappropriate for ladies to put on any diamond jewellery.


•  Diamond Jewellery

As slicing strategies improved over the ages, jewelry-quality diamonds grew to become extra widespread, significantly in crown jewels and equipment for royalty. The primary diamond engagement ring, the truth is, was given from Archduke Maximilian of Austria to Mary of Burgundy in 1477. As a result of diamonds remained uncommon and costly, nevertheless, it wasn’t till the mid-1900s – when better deposits have been found, slicing methods grew to become extra refined and economies improved – that diamond engagement rings grew to become extra widespread.


•  Diamonds Right this moment

Right this moment, diamonds are fashionable in all varieties of jewellery, together with pendants, cocktail rings, brooches, earrings, bracelets and extra. With a variety of diamond shapes to select from, these stones could be discovered each as focal factors in many alternative jewellery intervals, from Edwardian rings to modern designs, in addition to used as accent stones for gemstone rings.



Different April Birthstones

Whereas diamonds are dazzling gems to have a good time April birthdays or some other big day this month, they don’t seem to be proper for everybody. Whereas diamond is the one official April birthstone, there are different unofficial stones that produce other connections to the month and could be simply as beautiful. White sapphire, opal, white topaz and quartz are all further choices for April, or you possibly can go for stones related to Zodiac indicators. These with an Aries birthday can hook up with bloodstone, jasper or topaz, whereas Taurus birthdays are related to sapphire, coral, turquoise, emerald and garnet. Utilizing any of those symbolic stones and accenting them with diamonds can be a stunning option to mix all of the symbolism of the month with all the great thing about its related gems.

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Suzanne Sachs

Suzanne has at all times believed classic rings can change lives. She’s been within the jewellery trade for over 35 years, working with classic jewelers, diamond sellers, diamond cutters, and gemologists. Suzanne began Artdecodiamonds in 2000 and understood the demand for classic rings all through the world. She in the end began in 2014, and understands every classic ring is a mirrored image of you – your historical past, your relationships, your fashion, your magnificence and is honored to have the chance that can assist you showcase your aptitude in a novel and beautiful method.


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