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The three Phases of Kundalini Awakening: From Dormancy to Bliss

kundalini awakening stages
The three Phases of Kundalini Awakening: From Dormancy to Bliss 37

For individuals in search of enlightenment or those that need to obtain the state of full consciousness, kundalini awakening is without doubt one of the most sought-after experiences. 

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Kundalini awakening is a state whereby your serpent kundalini shakti, which lies on the base of your backbone, rises from its origin to journey to the crown chakra or the highest of your head. This journey entails a ton of bodily, psychological, and religious modifications.

Whereas you’ll have heard quite a bit in regards to the indicators of kundalini awakening and the period of those signs, you may additionally have an interest to know in regards to the phases of kundalini awakening.

Every stage comes with a definite change in your energetic aircraft which manifests bodily and mentally.

Allow us to see these phases intimately.

Earlier than we dwell into the phases, allow us to first perceive one of many ideas that pose a hindrance to the free stream of vitality – granthis.

What are Granthis?

granthis in yoga

The Sanskrit time period granthi means knot, node, or doubt. It additionally means a tough knot to untie.

Granthis or knots are vitality tangles that might hinder the physique’s means to maneuver Prana. Granthis could also be in charge for obstructing the Sushumna Nadi’s means to hold prana upward, in response to kundalini yoga.

This limits religious progress and prevents one from realizing their biggest potential. They function obstacles to liberation, each materials and religious.

Identical to bandhas (locks), there are 3 important granthis:

Brahma Granthi Also referred to as the “perineal-knot,” it’s located between the foundation chakra and the sacral chakra. It’s linked to a scarcity of stability and anchoring, in addition to a worry of dying and is brought on by the anxiousness of survival. You’ll be able to untie this granthi by means of Mula Bandha (root lock). 

Vishnu Granthi – Additionally known as “navel-knot”, it lies between the guts and throat chakra. The undoing of this knot represents letting go of ego and attachment to the fabric issues in life. Holding on to the ego and being obsessive about acquiring energy and affect are the causes of this granthi. You’ll be able to untie this granthi by means of Uddiyana Bandha (higher belly lock).

Rudra Granthi – Additionally known as “forehead-knot”, it’s located between the throat and the third-eye chakra. It could grow to be obvious once we grow to be preoccupied with serving others and neglect our aspiration to expertise unity with all dwelling issues and in the end surpass separation. You’ll be able to untie this granthi by means of Jalandhara Bandha (throat lock).

Now that we’ve a short understanding of the granthis, allow us to now look into the three phases of kundalini awakening.

3 Phases of Kundalini Awakening

The kundalini awakening course of has been labeled into 3 phases; Arambha or Starting, Ghata or Cleaning and bodhi or awakening. The phases have been categorized foundation the work your kundalini yoga, meditation, kriya, and mantra carry out to make the kundalini rise.

Stage 1 – Arambha or The Starting

Arambha or The Beginning kundalini awakening stage
The three Phases of Kundalini Awakening: From Dormancy to Bliss 38

Within the first stage, the kundalini is uncoiling from its slumber on the Muladhara chakra or its resting place on the base of the backbone. 

The primary stage is usually seen as a preparatory section for extra intense experiences to return. The stage of a clearing course of is the place the physique and thoughts should go.

By practising chanting, Kundalini Yoga, and kriya, your physique’s vitality vibrates at a frequency that helps in cleaning the foundation chakra and untying the Brahma Granthi. It is just when root chakra and Brahma granthi are cleansed, the kundalini can correctly rise and ascend.

Bodily illness, discomfort, and powerful feelings are more likely to be current all through this preliminary stage. The root chakra is the main focus of vitality motion within the first stage of kundalini awakening. As an imbalanced root chakra is related to problems with security, safety, and grounding, so, the opening and activation of this chakra can deliver up emotions of emotional depth, vulnerability, and even worry.

Quite a few detrimental conditions and feelings together with melancholy, anxiousness, frustration, helplessness, rampant muscle twitching, trauma, or a near-death expertise, are frequent through the first stage.

The preliminary phases of a Kundalini awakening are steadily described by yogis as being miserable, anxious, and helpless making it the least nice stage of kundalini awakening.

Stage 2 – Ghata or the Cleaning

nadis system in the body
Nadis community unfold over the physique. Supply: sammartinoyoga

Ghata means elimination, thus, within the second stage of kundalini awakening, you might be cleaning the sacral and photo voltaic plexus chakra by means of additional purification of Sushumna Nadi. That is the central Nadi out of the three nadis – Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna, by means of which the kundalini vitality passes.  

The cleaning of Sushumna turns into essential to safe an unobstructed and free stream to the kundalini vitality.

Throughout the second stage of kundalini awakening, you start to query your existence and goal in life. You’ll begin to debate every part you may have been taught to consider. 

This additional encourages you to look inwards and see how your detrimental actions and conduct had been impacting your self and the surroundings round you. It’ll push you to vary your behaviour and thought patterns to cease this cycle of negativity. 

It is possible for you to to let go of something that has been holding you again and hindering your journey towards spirituality. Your relationship with the divine might get stronger as you grow to be much less involved along with your outward appears. As outcome, you additionally lose the worry of dying.

Additionally it is on this stage that you just would possibly really feel the vitality flowing in and across the high of the pinnacle. And any vitality that wasn’t but launched within the first stage additionally will get cleared and unblocked.

By way of this cleaning, you might be additionally propelled to undo the Vishnu Granthi or Vishnu Knot, which lies between the guts and throat chakra. The undoing of this knot represents letting go of ego and attachment to the fabric issues in life.

Stage 3 – Third-eye Awakening

third eye chakra awakening
The three Phases of Kundalini Awakening: From Dormancy to Bliss 39

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That is the second final stage earlier than your kundalini reaches the Sahasrara chakra to achieve full consciousness.

This stage can solely be achieved in case you apply all that you’ve discovered with endurance and proceed to untie the Rudra Knot. It’ll assist the kundalini to additional rise for the ultimate section of awakening. 

When the Rudra knot comes undone, you’ll really feel a tingling in your third eye signifying the untying. All sense of duality vanishes and also you grow to be one with the cosmos. 

The kundalini is free to rise to the ultimate chakra by means of all the three Nadis – Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna.

By now, all of your chakras have been cleansed and the pineal gland or your third eye is ready to be opened. You’ll expertise a blissful feeling and can attain full psychological readability. Surrendering to the Universe and accepting its path laid out for you turns into a lot simpler.

You’ll have understood the reality of the existence of every dwelling being and it will subsequently deliver a couple of change in your character and persona. No detrimental discuss, criticism, or a sense of controlling your environment will exist inside you.

You’ll have a way of unity along with your interior essence whereas your mind will work at increased frequencies (between alpha and beta frequencies). It will assist you to remain in a deep meditative state whereas additionally experiencing enhanced extra-sensory skills.

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Does kundalini awakening make you drained?

Sure, it could make you drained.

One of many indicators of kundalini awakening is the disruption of the standard sleeping sample. The rationale for this alteration is the actual fact numerous sudden shifts and transformation is occurring within the energetic aircraft of your physique. Your beliefs are being questioned, your traumatic recollections are coming ahead, and numerous psychological and bodily stress is being inadvertently positioned on you.

As you navigate by means of these changes, it generally takes a toll in your physique and thoughts and brings you to a state of fatigue or burnout.

To beat this, you need to search out skilled steering, regardless that it’s uncommon to discover a grasp who has undergone a correct kundalini awakening. You will want to make some changes and sacrifices in life, take satisfactory relaxation, and construct the power to endure this course of.

How uncommon is Kundalini Awakening?

The reply to this query might be understood by the truth that the third stage is probably the most tough stage to achieve as most pursuers of kundalini awakening are inclined to lose endurance after the primary or the second stage.

Kundalini awakening is kind of a uncommon incidence within the frequent world. It’s because more often than not, we’re unable to comply with the rules and guidelines of Yoga in its true sense. We’re extra into short-term options to issues like stress, anxiousness, weight achieve, muscle firming, psychological peace, and so on.

However the individuals of the religious world, whose sole purpose is to attain enlightenment and have set their intention in direction of kundalini awakening might discover it a daily incidence. They’ve developed resilience, information, and endurance, and cleansed and activated their chakras to meet their objective.

Furthermore, kundalini awakening can happen spontaneously and at any level in life. That is additionally one more reason kundalini awakening is uncommon; individuals lose hope and religion within the follow after they begin setting deadlines and expectations within the awakening course of.

Is Kundalini Awakening everlasting?

Sure. Kundalini awakening, when finished beneath correct steering and thru correct channels, is an irreversible course of. 

The woke up vitality will maintain flowing all through your physique, calling you in direction of your true goal in life and altering your life perpetually.

It may be momentary if in case you have woke up the kundalini by means of fast means equivalent to shaktipath. This fast-tracks the awakening course of by offering a glimpse of the actual awakening for a brief interval. Nevertheless, this methodology isn’t popularly advisable because the physique and inside vitality sources needs to be totally able to expertise the momentary awakening.

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When your kundalini awakens isn’t one thing to fret about. When you want to elevate your Kundalini, you need to put your whole consideration on releasing your prana from its incessant anxieties in regards to the exterior world.

As a result of this journey requires the uttermost religion within the Divine, endurance is essential. Embrace the transformational journey of self-discovery.

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