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Unique Launch | Trakke X Carryology, The Muir Challenge

The World’s Finest Performing UHMWPE, Absolutely Customized

Within the preliminary levels, we have been fully targeted on ensuring our idea would work, utilizing off-the-shelf materials for the prototypes. Nevertheless it was time to pick materials. The simple reply? Waxed cotton canvas or X-Pac. Collectively, we’ve used each of these materials again and again. One thing new, one thing daring, one thing superior was so as. We had the heritage aesthetic inspiration on the pack design… so we wanted a contemporary factor. We’d been speaking with the parents at Problem Sailcloth for fairly a while and at a gathering we had collectively at Outside Retailer in Denver, Colorado this 12 months, Hale and Josh pulled out some swatches of one thing completely revolutionary. Extremely excessive molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE), the strongest strength-to-weight materials on earth, sometimes called “Dyneema” (like how tissues are referred to by the model “Kleenex”). We’ve used UHMWPE and model identify Dyneema up to now, like on the GORUCK x Carryology GRXC1 collab, and we love the stuff. However the distinction between Problem Sailcloth’s ULTRA assortment and Dyneema Composite Materials we’re all accustomed to? DCF makes use of non-woven UHMWPE fibers that are laminated to a polyester face.

Trakke X Carryology The Muir Project 

Problem’s ULTRA assortment takes the UHMWPE fibers, combines them with HT polyester into strands of fibers, after which weaves them collectively. Principally, take into consideration a 1000-denier nylon cloth, besides these fibers are the strongest fibers ever made. Insanely sturdy, light-weight, and extremely sturdy. Win, win, win. 

Problem presents a number of totally different variations of ULTRA, from 100 to 800. 800 is really wild stuff, however a bit too aggressive and heavy for this specific mission. We love the feel and appear of the 200, however the 400 has the right weight and drape we have been in search of… good till we requested the query: can we make one thing fully {custom}? 

ULTRA cloth, laminated to a blaze orange backer, eliminating the necessity for a floating liner contained in the bag, saving weight and complexity of building. They agreed to run a full {custom} run only for this Trakke and Carryology mission. After some cloth swatch prototypes, we ended up concocting an ULTRA + ECOPAK {custom} hybrid, choosing ULTRA 200 because the face cloth (a woven mix of 200d Extremely yarn and high-tenacity polyester), laminated with 0.5 mil RUV movie (recycled PET movie with UV conditioning), a Blue 45o CrossPly (recycled 500d polyester yarn), and a Blaze Orange RBC200 Backing (recycled 200d polyester oxford). The mixed weight of the sandwich places us proper again to the properties of the off-the-shelf ULTRA 400. 

Introducing the ULTRA 200XBlaze (Problem Product code: UPE200TXBO), an ultralight, waterproof, sturdy cloth, custom-made for The Muir Challenge.



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