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Vintage Cushions: The Excellent Classic Reduce

Vintage cushion cuts had been the precursor to at the moment’s well-liked modified good minimize. Additionally known as the “Miner’s Reduce” or “Previous Mine”, vintage cushion cuts are fairly uncommon and date again to the Victorian and Edwardian eras. These classic cuts are a surprising possibility for somebody in search of one thing distinctive but basic, mild, and romantic.

What’s an Vintage Cushion Reduce

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As said above, vintage cushion cuts are very uncommon as they’re much tougher to chop than modified good cushion minimize diamonds. Moreover, this minimize requires the producer to chop extra of the tough diamond than with any different form.

Historical past of Vintage Cushion Reduce Diamonds

Previous Mine cuts date again to the 1700s however weren’t made well-liked till the Victorian and Edwardian Eras, respectively (approx. 1830-1914). Throughout this time, this was the one solution to minimize this form. These cuts grew to become widespread follow in Brazil after the unique mines in India slowly stopped yielding new diamonds.

Earlier than spherical good diamonds took over as probably the most prized diamond minimize, Previous Mine cuts took high prize as probably the most widespread and wanted diamond form. Different much less well-liked names for this minimize of diamond are Pillow Reduce and Candlelight Reduce.


Well-known Vintage Cushion Reduce Diamonds

There are a number of well-known diamonds all through historical past that many individuals don’t understand are literally Previous Mine cuts. A few of them embrace the Hope Diamond, the Tiffany Yellow Diamond, and the Regent Diamond.


Hope Diamond


Supply: Smithsonian Museum


The Hope Diamond was initially extracted from the Kollur Mine in India in 1701. The diamond will get its wealthy blue colour from boron having been launched throughout its formation course of.

Earlier than it grew to become the Hope Diamond, this spectacular 45ct diamond was part of a much bigger, uncut 112ct stone known as the Tavernier Blue. This extravagant uncut stone was later minimize right into a 69ct diamond known as the Blue Diamond of the Crown, or the French Blue. The stone was then stolen and recut into what everyone knows now because the Hope Diamond.

The earliest recognized proprietor of the Hope Diamond was French gem service provider Jean-Baptiste Tavernier (thus the place the Tavernier Blue will get its identify from) who bought it in 1666. Tavernier bought it to King Louis XIV of France in 1668 who minimize it into the French Blue. After the stone was stolen, it appeared in a gem catalog underneath the Hope identify in 1839. Since then, well-known house owners embrace Evalyn Walsh Mclean and Harry Winston. The stone is at present on everlasting show on the Smithsonian.


Tiffany Yellow Diamond


Supply: Girls’s Put on Every day


The Tiffany Yellow Diamond is precisely what it appears like—a Fancy Yellow Diamond owned by Tiffany & Co. This magnificent diamond was extracted from the notorious Kimberley diamond mines in South Africa in 1877. When it was discovered, it weighed a whopping 287.42ct. It was bought by the co-founder of Tiffany & Co., Charles Lewis Tiffany, for a mere $18,000. Tiffany introduced it to his chief gemologist to be minimize into what’s now the Tiffany Yellow Diamond.

The primary notable lady to put on the diamond was Audrey Hepburn whereas doing press for her film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


In 2012, the Tiffany Yellow Diamond was reset in celebration of Tiffany & Co.’s a hundred and seventy fifth anniversary. The diamond was positioned in a necklace with greater than 100 carats of white diamonds. In 2019, Woman Gaga wore this model of the diamond necklace to the Oscars the place she received the Academy Award for Greatest Authentic Track in A Star is Born.

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Beyonce and Jay-Z grew to become the faces of Tiffany & Co. on the finish of 2021 with the world-famous singer dawning the Yellow Diamond necklace in all their advert placements.

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The Regent Diamond


Supply: The Louvre


Initially a part of the French Crown Jewels, the Regent Diamond was found in 1608 by an enslaved man within the Kollur Mine in India… based on legend. Not a lot is understood concerning the origins of this well-known diamond besides that when it was discovered, it weighed over 400 carats!

The diamond was acquired by Thomas Pitt who introduced it to London between 1704 and 1706 and had it minimize into 140ct and renamed it ‘Le Régent’. He later bought it to King Louis XV who had it set into his coronation crown. The stone was later handed down and worn by all French royalty.

The Regent Diamond is the most important colorless diamond on this planet and is now on show within the Louvre in Paris.

Vintage vs. Modified Good Cushion Cuts

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Initially, vintage cushion cuts had been the one solution to minimize this form of the diamond. Because the years have handed and know-how has improved, cushion formed diamonds could be minimize in a mess of the way. Commonest is the modified good cushion minimize. So, what’s the distinction between the 2?

See all of the completely different cushion cuts on our Instagram!


Modified Good

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Modified good cushion diamonds have very related faceting to their a lot rarer counterparts, cushion brilliants. This particular minimize of the cushion is the commonest cushion minimize that’s discovered at the moment. Consisting of an additional row of aspects simply beneath the girdle of the diamond, this basic possibility boasts distinctive brilliance.

This faceting model is hottest as a square-cut cushion. Nonetheless, elongated modified good cushion cuts are simply as stunning and many well-liked. These diamonds are minimize to maximise refraction and shine whereas vintage cushion cuts don’t maximize brilliance.

image19 image4

2.05 carat Cushion Diamond Yellow Gold Solitaire Ring


Vintage or “Previous Mine”

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Just like trendy good cushions, vintage cushion cuts even have 58 aspects. Nonetheless, these aspects are a lot bigger and “chunkier.” Moreover, these classic stones characteristic an open, seen culet on the backside and a steeper crown the place trendy good cushion cuts don’t. These beautiful cushion cuts could be sq. or elongated.

These unicorn stones look good in any variety of settings: yellow gold solitaires, halos, three-stones, and so on. Don’t consider me? Test it out for your self!

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image16 2 image6 2

3.02 carat Vintage Cushion Lab Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

image5 2 image20 2

2.58 carat Vintage Cushion Lab Diamond Three-Stone Ring


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Now that I’ve satisfied you that you simply completely want an vintage cushion minimize diamond, I need to warn you that I’ve some unhealthy information… these pure classic stones are going to price you a fairly penny.

Attributable to their uncommon standing, vintage cushions are onerous to seek out in a selected measurement and high quality vary, in addition to cheaper price factors. A part of the fantastic thing about this specific minimize is that the earliest variations had been minimize by hand, which is now practically unattainable to seek out. At the moment’s vintage cuts make the most of one of the best diamond know-how to recreate their signature look however nonetheless come at the next price in comparison with their trendy counterparts!

When you nonetheless have your coronary heart set on an vintage cushion minimize diamond and also you’re prepared to sacrifice having a pure diamond, Lauren B has an unique collection of lab-grown vintage cushion minimize diamond rings and unfastened stones to select from!

What Are You Ready For?!

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