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Watching Films: Adam Driver Wears His Private Rolex In ‘Marriage Story’

It’s bizarre to say, however 2019 was the final actual film 12 months – the final time movies had broad theatrical releases in earnest. Curiously, Marriage Story was a Netflix property, so it will really feel simply as at residence in at the moment’s streaming/restricted theater launch construction because it did in when it got here out within the “earlier than instances.” Within the ramp-up to its launch, this excellently weepy drama, directed by Noah Baumbach, had great Oscar buzz – going up in opposition to films like As soon as Upon a Time in Hollywood, and being in comparison with classic Oscar darling Kramer vs. Kramer.

The movie follows characters Charlie and Nicole Barber (performed by Adam Driver and Scarlett Johansson) as they navigate an initially amicable divorce that shortly turns hostile. The movie has a throwback really feel, bolstered by a sweeping and delightful rating by Randy Newman. Similar to the basic films of the Seventies, Adam Driver wears his private watch on-screen – and it’s onerous to overlook.



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