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Which Engagement Ring Goes With Your Zodiac Signal?

Individuals have lengthy thought that the Zodiac signal beneath which we’re born impacts our personalities and outlook on life. Subsequently, our indicators can affect every thing in life, from relationships to motivations. Equally, every engagement ring has its personal character. So, which engagement ring matches your signal?

Whereas many people have traits of a couple of Zodiac signal, notably if we had been born because the indicators had been transitioning, most individuals determine with only one signal–their solar signal.


The Zodiac Sign Aquarius Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

Dates: January 20—February 18

Ingredient: Air

Image: Water Bearer

Traits: Mental, Impartial, Artistic, Social

People who find themselves born beneath the zodiac signal of Aquarius are unbiased, artistic people recognized to be progressive and rebellious. They’ve a novel trend sense and revel in flaunting that model. Aquarians even have a delicate facet that leaves them needing assist, appreciation, and love. 

Aquarius is the final air signal; its power is centered on the thoughts. They’re mental, curious, and captivated with interpersonal dynamics. A hybrid step-cut engagement ring is completely fitted to our artistic Aquarians. 

image37 1 image46

3.04 carat Hybrid Step-Lower Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

image24 1 image29 1

2.05 carat Hybrid Step Lower Solitaire Engagement Ring


The Zodiac Sign Pisces Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

Dates: February 19—March 20

Ingredient: Water

Image: The Fish

Traits: Introspective, Emotional, Sympathetic, Imaginative

Pisces is represented by two fish swimming in reverse instructions. Individuals born beneath the zodiac signal Pisces are recognized to be caring for others and emotional people. They’re typically divided between significant accomplishment and the safety of their interior visionary world. 

Pisceans are among the many most sympathetic of the indicators. They’re imaginative and artistic and go to nice lengths to make sure everybody round them is completely satisfied. These are the pure dreamers of the group who can typically be simply persuaded to pursue idealistic goals.

Because the signal is represented by two fish, Pisceans deserve not one however two middle stones:

image10 2 image14 1

1.51 carat Oval & 1.20 carat Cushion Diamond Duo Ring

image25 1 image43

2 ct Pear & 1.5 ct Coronary heart Diamonds Diamond Duo Ring 


The Zodiac Sign Aries Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

Dates: March 21—April 19

Ingredient: Hearth

Image: The Ram

Traits: Daring, Intense, Assured, Bold

Aries is daring and impressive and deserves a hoop on their finger that exhibits that! These rams like to be primary in every thing they do and dive proper into each scenario, even probably the most difficult ones. Aries represents the most important of our engagement rings, the 4 carats and above!

Aries is a fireplace signal which explains their passionate, motivated nature. This zodiac signal can also be assured in management roles and builds a way of group with its cheerful nature. Relentlessly decided, Aries are direct of their method and get pissed off when they’re subjected to exhaustive particulars or pointless nuances.

image15 1 image20 1

7 Carat Oval Diamond Rose Gold Engagement Ring

image21 1 image8 1

5 carat Radiant Lower Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring


The Zodiac Sign Taurus Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

Dates: April 20—Might 20

Ingredient: Earth

Image: The Bull

Traits: Dependable, Sturdy-Willed, Loyal, Sensual

Taureans are diligent, hardworking, and creative. They’re artistic with an indulgent nature. They benefit from the finer issues of life, so a chic engagement ring is what they want on their finger. There’s nothing extra synonymous with class than an emerald minimize engagement ring. In addition to, Taureans are largely born in the course of the month of Might, the month of the Emerald.

Taureans are admired for even-keeled temperaments and are thought of lovers, not fighters. Represented by the bull, these born beneath the zodiac signal of Taurus are recognized to be cussed, resilient, and difficult. They don’t like change; somewhat, they crave stability and luxury. 

image11 2 image47

4.20 carat Emerald Lower Diamond Tremendous Slim Engagement Ring

image18 1 image1

3.02 Carat Emerald Lower Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring 


The Zodiac Sign Gemini Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

Dates: Might 21—June 20

Ingredient: Air

Image: The Twins

Traits: Social, Artistic, Curious, Witty

Gemini is the signal of the twins, so a cut up band engagement ring is an ideal adornment to their hand. Geminis are recognized to be playful, intellectually curious, and social butterflies. They’re quick-witted and might discuss to anybody at any time about something. Regardless of the widespread misrepresentation as a two-faced particular person, Gemini hardly ever hides their agenda. 

image19 1 image16 1

2.50 Carat Radiant Diamond Cut up Band Solitaire Ring

image27 image31 1

1.24 carat Pear Form Lab Diamond Halo Ring 

Most cancers

The Zodiac Sign Cancer Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

Dates: June 21—July 22

Ingredient: Water

Image: The Crab

Traits: Emotional, Protecting, Intuitive, Compassionate

Cancers are recognized to be extremely emotional, typically carrying their hearts on their sleeves. Represented by the crab, folks born beneath the zodiac signal of Most cancers are recognized to retreat into their shells and are homebodies who’re most snug in their very own house surrounded by folks they love. 

Cancers are usually introverted and like deep connections to floor socialization with giant teams. Small discuss isn’t their factor they usually could appear standoffish whenever you meet them. Given time they may develop into a loyal lifelong buddy.

As a result of their intimacy with emotion, a heart-shaped engagement ring is ideal for an individual born with the zodiac of Most cancers.

image9 2 image34 1

2.7ct Coronary heart Form Diamond Signature Wrap Solitaire

image7 2 image33 1

2.51ct Coronary heart Form Yellow Diamond Halo Engagement Ring 


The Zodiac Sign Leo Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

Dates: July 23—August 22

Ingredient: Hearth

Image: The Lion

Traits: Assured, Social, Charismatic, Sturdy

Leos love being the focal point and are assured folks. Drama appears to comply with them all over the place they go; some folks say they’re simply further.

Leos can be fiercely protecting of these they love. They’ve huge hearts, are loyal, and are formidable. An expensive, elegant, and attention-grabbing ring with a three-row band is ideal for the Leo in your life. To attain probably the most quantity of sparkle or shine, go for a superb form like radiant, spherical, or cushion.

image4 2 image22 1

4.03 carat Radiant Lower Diamond Three-Row Band Engagement Ring 

image12 1 image40

4.55 carat Spherical Lab Diamond Three Row Band Ring 


The Zodiac Sign Virgo Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

Dates: August 23—September 22

Ingredient: Earth

Image: The Virgin

Traits: Logical, Easy, Accountable, Analytical

Virgos are sensible, logical, and industrious. They’re additionally humble, easy, and self-effacing. Beneath the floor of a Virgo, you’ll discover somebody form, pure, and sympathetic. 

Virgoans are methodical and fast considering, however they incessantly really feel tense and burdened as a result of they expend a lot psychological power. A traditional solitaire ring is ideal for Virgo. 

image23 1 image42

3.60 Carat Cushion Lower Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

image3 2 image26 1

3.00ct Spherical Diamond Yellow Gold Solitaire Six-Prong Ring 


The Zodiac Sign Libra Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

Dates: September 23—October 22

Ingredient: Air

Image: The Scales

Traits: Properly-Balanced, Harmonious, Charming, Polished

Libra is represented by the scales, and they’re well-balanced in nature. Individuals born beneath this zodiac signal are recognized to be charming and delightful. They crave stability of their lives in order that they are often equally beneficiant and self-indulgent. Order and aesthetically pleasing environment trigger them to thrive. 

Libras get pleasure from making peace with others. As such, they’re wonderful at compromising. A balanced, three-stone engagement ring can be an ideal addition to Libra’s finger. 

image30 1 image41

1.51ct Cushion Lower Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring

image48 image49

1.41ct Oval Diamond Three-Stone Engagement Ring 


The Zodiac Sign Scorpio Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

Dates: October 23—November 22

Ingredient: Water

Image: The Scorpion

Traits: Impartial, Intense, Fierce, Courageous

Scorpios are fiercely unbiased, intense people. They are often intimidating however fiercely loyal to their associates and companions. These people are decided, courageous, sincere, and impressive. Nevertheless, on the flip facet, they are often jealous, resentful, controlling, and secretive. 

Scorpios will be extraordinarily cussed. They’re all-or-nothing folks in relation to romantic relationships, they usually choose a critical dedication. The ring that belongs on a Scorpio’s finger will replicate the depth of their character whereas offering conventional class. With this in thoughts, we advocate an vintage cushion minimize ring due to its intense fireplace and flashes of sunshine.

image36 1 image6 2

4.56 carat Vintage Cushion Lab Diamond Engagement Ring

image13 1 image38

4.25 carat Lab Vintage Cushion Compass Claw Prong Ring 


The Zodiac Sign Sagittarius Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesse – Labyrinthos

Dates: November 23—December 21

Ingredient: Hearth

Image: The Archer

Traits: Bold, Clever, Outgoing, Optimistic

Sagittarius is a fireplace signal and, as such, has an enormous and fiery character. These born beneath the zodiac signal of Sagittarius are extremely efficient leaders and revel in motion. They’re formidable, outgoing, and optimistic. Sagittarians are recognized to be unbiased and aren’t afraid of danger, which will be one thing to bear in mind when designing their engagement ring.

image5 2 image35 1

1.55 carat Spherical Lab Diamond Graduating Floral Engagement Ring

image44 image28 1

3.01 carat Oval Lab Diamond Seven-Stone Engagement Ring 


The Zodiac Sign Capricorn Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

Dates: December 21—January 19

Ingredient: The Goat

Image: Earth

Traits: Pushed, Disciplined, Objective-Oriented, Modest

A traditional oval solitaire ring would look greatest on the mature, targeted, and disciplined Capricorn’s hand. With their modest nature, there isn’t any must go overboard with adornments and design components on a Capricorn’s ring. In addition to, the oval, yellow gold solitaire ring is already the bestselling design of the final two years–why mess with perfection?

A Capricorn is of course a sensible, persistent overachiever. They’re delicate and hardworking, making their success look easy. Capricorns put a whole lot of care and time into their relationships. With their “can do” perspective, they put as a lot time into their careers as they do their relationships. They demand one of the best however will give the world to these round them.

image2 2 image32 1

2.75 carat Oval Lab Diamond Two-Tone Solitaire Engagement Ring

image17 1 image45

2.20 carat Oval Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring 

What’s Your Signal?

The zodiac signal we’re born beneath can affect every thing from our personalities to our perspective towards work and relationships. As a result of every signal has distinctive traits, it’s comparatively easy to match the proper engagement ring to the individual primarily based on their Zodiac signal. In the event you’re searching for an engagement ring, Lauren B will help you select the best ring for you, whether or not or not you base your selection in your Zodiac signal.

With that, I simply have one query: what time had been you born?



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